Yellow Bird: Breast-feeding in public not indecent
"North Dakota state Sen. Richard Marcellais, a Democrat from Rolette, will introduce a bill to protect breast-feeding women in public areas and at work.

Good for him!

The issue came to light when a casino employee, who is also a single mother, was told by a security officer she had to stop feeding her baby in public.

According to a news report, the woman went to the dining room of the casino to have dinner and to feed her infant son. She said she was “found out” by security cameras in the casino. There were only two women in the restaurant, and they didn’t seem to notice her, she said.

Seeing a woman breast-feeding her baby awakens my maternal instincts and makes me want to smile at the new, innocent life. So, I was taken aback that breast-feeding would be considered indecent. I didn’t know. "

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DORREEN YELLOW BIRD: Support public breast-feeding (The Grand Forks Herald 1/10)

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