Opinion: No discrimination in Cherokee Nation hiring
"The Cherokee Nation fully respects and abides by all applicable federal equal rights laws.

No one would disagree that racism needs to end and hopefully it will not take another 100 years to end as was suggested.

I also don’t think that any informed person would disagree that available jobs within a domestic sovereign should, if all at all possible, be filled by the citizens of that domestic sovereign.

The Cherokee Nation is not a social club and it does not have “members.”

It is a government for the people, by people and of the people. Like national and state governments here in the U.S., the Cherokee Nation has three distinct branches; executive, legislative and judicial. It is a nation of laws.

The Cherokee Nation has held a historic government-to-government agreement with the United States of America since the 1700s.

Cherokee Nation citizens come in all colors.

Cherokee Nation citizenship criteria and paperwork are colorblind."

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C. Russo: Cherokees don’t hire based on race (The Muskogee Phoenix 11/3)

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