Editorial: City, tribe break promises on racism
"It has taken too long.

It smacks of another broken promise.

It has yet to produce its first results.

Nevertheless, the city of Farmington's Community Relations Commission is in meeting mode and its members say they hope to begin hearing complaints in November.

That hope needs to turn to action, and the city needs to do more than simply seed this commission.

The Navajo Nation isn't far behind, having only recently done the same with startup of its own similar commission, after making the same kind of promises for one just as long ago as did the city.

So what we have is the Navajo Nation and the city of Farmington both saying that one of their answers to solving racism problems is to provide a voice to the people and a sounding board that will listen to them, and then taking more than two years to provide such."

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Editorial: City, tribe must give racism woes more attention than this (The Farmington Daily Times 9/25)

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