Jodi Rave: Tulalip Tribes raise funds for NARF
"The Tulalip Tribes of Washington on Friday asked all tribes, individuals, organizations and businesses to join a national fundraising campaign to support the Native American Rights Fund, a national nonprofit legal and advocacy organization for indigenous peoples in the United States.

“Contrary to popular belief, the wars against Native peoples, our traditional, cultural and spiritual life ways - and our simple right to exist - have never stopped,” said Tulalip Chairman Mel Sheldon. “Every day here at Tulalip, our legal team and scientists work to maintain treaty-guaranteed rights, such as access to off-reservation fishing and marine resources, and protection of our area environment.”

The Tulalip tribes have given $50,000 to the Native American Rights Fund's “Preserving Native Lifeways Campaign.” Sheldon and other Tulalip leaders are asking people to match the tribes' contribution and help NARF reach $100,000 by Aug. 1.

All campaign proceeds will support NARF's efforts to preserve natural resources, tribal sovereignty, treaty and human rights. For more information, go to the Web site

John Echohawk, NARF's executive director, credited the Tulalip Tribes for “innovative leadership” in creating the Native Lifeways Campaign with NARF.

“The Tulalip Tribes, like ourselves, recognize that the Indian Wars have never ended and know that our battle is a collective one,” said Echohawk. “They are true modern-day warriors. Contributions such as this one help underwrite the legal work that is crucial to the very existence of our people.”

All fundraising contributions are 100 percent tax deductible. “Preserving Native Lifeways Campaign,” results will be announced at NARF's Seventh Annual Visions for the Future Benefit Art Auction in Santa Fe, N.M. on Aug. 22."

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