Sen. McCain meets with tribal leaders in New Mexico
Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona), the presumptive Republican nominee for president, met with tribal leaders during a campaign stop in New Mexico on Monday, the National Congress of American Indians said.

McCain met with the All Indian Pueblo Council, which represents 19 Pueblos in the state, and the Navajo Nation. NCAI President Joe Garcia, who also chairs AIPC, took part in the meeting.

"We discussing a myriad of issues important to Indian Country," said Garcia. "Senator McCain pledged his support to Indian Country and our right to self-governance."

According to Garcia, McCain promised to create a tribal government position within the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. Currently, one position handles state, local and tribal governments in the office.

NCAI is a non-partisan organization that seeks to inform all of the presidential candidates about Indian issues. Garcia said McCain, who served two terms as chair of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee supports the group's goals.

"I understand about party solutions," said McCain, according to NCAI. "But here I know no political boundaries. I support the efforts of Indian Country and the solutions should know no political boundaries."

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