Navajo Nation settles voter ID lawsuit in Arizona
The Navajo Nation has settled its voter identification lawsuit against the state of Arizona.

In 20004, voters approved Proposition 200 to require photo IDs at polling places. First-time voters must also prove their U.S. citizenship status.

The Navajo Nation, along with other tribes and voting rights groups, challenged the law. In the meantime, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law that voters to display photo identification at the polls.

As part of a settlement with the tribe, Arizona's Secretary of State has agreed to submit its election procedures to the Department of Justice. Once they are approved, the tribe will withdraw from the lawsuit.

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State To Seek Dismissal Of Voter ID Challenge (AP 5/26)

Decision in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board:
Syllabus | Opinion [Stevens] | Concurrence [Scalia] | Dissent [Souter] | Dissent [Breyer]

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