Jodi Rave: Work starts on Native campus center
"A Missoula contractor has been named to build a multimillion-dollar, first-of-its-kind Native campus center at the University of Montana, with construction slated to begin next week.

“We're just delighted the contract has been bid and awarded and the construction will begin this year,” said Terry Payne, a Missoula businessman and lead donor for the 19,900-square-foot Native American Center, which has a price tag of nearly $10 million. “It's going to be exciting to see that development on campus. It will be the fulfillment of the dreams of many.”

Jackson Constructor Group, a Missoula-based company, was awarded the Native American Center contract last week and is in the final process of getting a city-approved building permit. The company is also overseeing construction of a multimillion-dollar education building on campus, as well as several building projects between Missoula and Hamilton.

Crews will likely start fencing off the area around the Native center beginning next week, said Rosi Keller, UM associate vice president for administration and finance.

“We had a preconstruction contract meeting on Friday with the university and the state of Montana,” said Greg Hebner, project manager for Jackson. The center is a “beautiful project” he said. “It's exquisitely designed. It has a lot of neat materials and local products.”

Hebner said the company is aiming for “silver certification” with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a nationally accepted benchmark for designing, building and operating “high-performance green buildings,” which are environmentally responsible and provide safe, healthy places to work."

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Missoula company selected to build Native campus center (The Missoulian 11/7)

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