Column: Liberals smear 'drunken Indian' husband
"The liberal mainstream media applauds Democratic lawmaker plans to re-impose the “Fairness Doctrine,” a weapon that can be used arbitrarily and politically to stifle free speech or impose left-wing voices into conservative and libertarian talk radio — and perhaps even into conservative and libertarian Internet Web sites.

But how “fair” is the liberal mainstream media?

Or consider the narrower case of how the liberal mainstream networks have aired anti-GOP rioters, and amplified the attacks and smears by Obama’s supporters and surrogates against Republican standard bearer John McCain’s choice for running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Palin’s experience, these attackers said within minutes of McCain introducing her, is that she was mayor of a town. Almost unmentioned: she is the elected governor of America’s largest state, has been a leader of state commissions overseeing both ethics and oil, and handled all responsibilities so well that her popular approval in Alaska hovers between 80 percent and 90 percent.

Her husband, the liberal media reported, back in the 1980s got a ticket for driving “under the influence.”

This seemingly trivial story is actually the opening wedge of a multi-pronged orchestrated left-wing attack designed to appeal to the racism that has always been at the heart of the Democratic Party.

Palin’s husband, you see, is part Native American. His ancestors include Inuits, i.e., Eskimos. But if this fact enters the news untinted by left-wing bias, it would show Gov. Palin to be inclusive, non-racist, and noble — qualities the media intends to prevent voters from seeing.

The liberal media is therefore falsely implying that Palin’s husband is alcoholic, and from there it will echo those left-wing blogs who paint him with the “drunken Indian” racist stereotype long promoted by Democrats."

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Lowell Ponte: 'Fairness' and the Smearing of Gov. Palin (Newsmax 9/2)

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