Editorial: Walking a mile in Navajo Nation's shoes
"Network television planning always includes its highs and lows for viewers, but FOX and its FX Network hit on something good and noble with their series "30 Days."

Hosted by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who stars in the reality show, each segment in the series follows what it is like to spend 30 days in someone else's shoes.

Imagine that idea: Walking in someone else's shoes.

It's not about shoes in the literal sense, but about living the lifestyle of someone completely different from you, and doing it for 30 days.

This week, the show aired an episode that featured a 30-day stay on the Navajo Nation.

The Dennison family hosted Spurlock on its ranch in Tohatchi. During his stay, he visited Navajo schools, met various officials and leaders, and he looked for work.

The only job he could find was at a tire shop making $25 a day.

He lived without running water or electricity, as do many Navajo who live in thousands of households on the reservation without such services available.

Perhaps most important, however, is that he learned about the culture and the human nature of the Navajo, by being willing to invest 30 days and nights of his life living with them."

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