Editorial: Funding alone won't help Standing Rock
"There’s a violent crime problem on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation that Operation Dakota Peacekeeper is designed to address.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs project will supplement local and tribal police forces on Standing Rock with an increased law enforcement presence. Other BIA law enforcement agents from around the United States will be used to stabilize the public safety situation on the reservation.

We’re thrilled to see the BIA taking the lead to address the immediate problems of lawlessness on Standing Rock. For too long now, there’s been a lack of resources that resulted in a lack of response by police departments and by tribal and federal courts to the needs of crime victims there.

But as many citizens of Standing Rock point out, the problem of crime in their communities is not one that can be solved simply by throwing more money and more resources — in the form of more police or more prosecutors — at the problem.

Yes, it is an economic problem that the federal government has the financial responsibility to address. But more importantly, it is a community problem which, ultimately, will only be solved by the people of Standing Rock. They are the only ones with the ability to confront the social, spiritual and cultural aspects of crime in their communities."

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