Sen. Dorgan plans subpoena over BIA jail report
An angry Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) said this morning he plans to subpoena the Bureau of Indian Affairs over a long-delayed detention facilities report.

Dorgan, the chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, said the BIA promised to deliver the report a year ago. After numerous delays, it was promised this spring.

But the White House Office of Management and Budget abruptly pulled the report on May 23, Dorgan said. So he plans to ask the committee to vote on a subpoena for the report.

"It is outrageous and arrogant of the BIA and the Interior Department to withhold it," Dorgan said at the opening of an oversight hearing today on a different subject. "If the OMB doesn't like it, that's tough luck in my judgment."

The BIA commissioned a consultant to produce the report. It was paid with taxpayer funds, Dorgan noted. [Audio From Hearing]

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