Principal Chief David Hill of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation issued the following statement regarding an August 3, 2020, press conference by Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter:

“As Mr. Hunter pointed out, we signed an ICWA compact with the state last week. We are pursuing other agreements of this nature while simultaneously ramping up our own resources. These facts demonstrate that intergovernmental agreements are more than adequate mechanisms to address the urgent needs of the moment as we transition to more permanent solutions over time.”   

“Attorney General Hunter laid out plans to address claims from criminals seeking recourse under the ruling. We wholeheartedly support a rigorous process. The Supreme Court decision is all about fixing what was broken in the past to build a better system, not giving criminals a free pass.  The simple reality is that today, as before, if you call the police they will come. If you commit a crime, you’ll be brought to justice.”

“By definition, historic decisions upend the way things have been done. The goal can’t be simply going back to the old way of doing things; it must be using the jurisdictional clarity provided by the court to build a better system that increases public safety and prosperity for all in the region, while ensuring all functions of government are being met during the transition. “ 

“AG Hunter characterized our situation as unique. But we are proud to say that there are actually reservations across the country similarly cooperating with local towns and local businesses. However we do recognize that each situation has it’s own unique circumstances which is why we believe a rush to seek one-size-fits-all legislation, especially legislation that hasn’t gone through regular order, is the absolute wrong approach.”

“We recognize that much work remains and appreciate the Attorney General stating his commitment to cooperation and negotiation. We have pledged to continue to work with any and all officials to find consensus and common ground for the betterment of all .”

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