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Feb. 18, 2002
Nov. 12, 2001
July 4, 2001
April 1, 2001

© 2001 Indian Country Tomorrow
Bush To Open Men's Office

President George W. Bush. Photo © Reuters.
WASHINGTON, DC -- President George W. Bush on Monday will issue an executive order creating the White House Office for White Men's Initiatives and Outreach, Indian Country Tomorrow has learned.

"The President recognizes the unique problems Caucasian males in this country face," said a top aide who asked not to be named. "He also recognizes most White men voted for him. So this is a way to really say 'Thank You' to his constituency."

The office will be housed in the former space of the Office for Women's Initiatives and Outreach, said the aide. Bush in January shut down the Office for Women's Initiatives and Outreach, as well as the Office on Race Relations. Both were created by President Clinton.

The closure of both offices has angered civil rights activists and women's rights advocates. When told of Bush's planned move, National Organization of Women Executive Vice President Kim Gandy said she was appalled but not surprised.

"Bush has demonstrated over and over again, from his pick of John Ashcroft as Attorney General to his decision to restrict overseas abortion support funding, that he places the rights of women below everyone else," Gandy told Indian Country Tomorrow.

White House staff wouldn't deny Bush has certain priorities but added that if women wanted to ensure they would get support from the administration, they "should have voted for him, like big business and men did."

© 2001 Indian Country Tomorrow