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Traditions: White House Chef and Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Richard Benton prepares for annual Easter Egg Roll and Mock Lynching on South Lawn. (AP)
The Bush Administration
Norton Jailed for Indian Trust
Secretary Norton being held in BIA holding cell.

McCaleb Still Stuck at Navajo
Secretary of Interior Gale Norton has "given up" on ever seeing her trusted Indian Affairs aide as Navajo Nation consultation session drags into second month.

Trust Fund Judge Asked For Fees
Request could cost the federal goverment millions.

Allegation Dogs Former President
Will the Clinton administration ever be able to live down the scandals over Indian gaming, federal recognition and campaign contributions? Allegations regarding the behaviors of former President Bill Clinton have resurfaced, adding salt to some old wounds and providing fuel for critics.

Indian Diva Starts Film Project
Kickapoo rockabilly Arigon Starr and actor George Clooney to star in Native coming of age story with Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Adam Beach and Jon Bon Jovi.

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