The Chickasaw Nation released the following statement on July 9, 2020, following the U.S. Supreme Court decision in McGirt v. Oklahoma:

We applaud the Supreme Court’s ruling in McGirt v. Oklahoma, which holds that the Creek Nation’s treaty territory boundaries remain intact.

We appreciate the Supreme Court’s affirming the United States’ treaty promises and we celebrate the Court’s recognizing that Oklahoma and the Tribes consistently “have proven they can work successfully together as partners.”

Tribal and state law enforcement agencies have worked cooperatively for years to serve and protect our communities. We are accustomed to the unique context of overlapping Tribal and State jurisdictions and will continue to work together to ensure public safety and effective law enforcement throughout Oklahoma.

Regardless of any court ruling, far more unites us than ever separates us, and the Chickasaw Nation looks forward to continuing its cooperation and collaborative partnerships with State and local law enforcement to ensure public safety and well-being throughout Oklahoma.

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