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Posted: September 28, 2022
Jonathan Nez

Jonathan Nez, center back, serves as President of the Navajo Nation. Photo: Navajo Nation Office of President and Vice President

The Navajo Nation 

Office of the President and Vice President

September 27, 2022

38 new cases and no deaths related to COVID-19 reported

WINDOW ROCK, Arizona – On Tuesday, the Navajo Department of Health, in coordination with the Navajo Epidemiology Center and the Navajo Area Indian Health Service, reported 38 new COVID-19 cases for the Navajo Nation and no recent deaths. The total number of deaths is 1,902. 599,364 COVID-19 tests have been administered. The overall total number of positive COVID-19 cases is now 74,132, including 123 delayed reported cases. A new case is defined as a positive test within the last 72-hours. Some cases are due to delayed reporting from the states. Any positive tests from beyond the last 72-hours are considered delayed.

“COVID-19 is still among us, but we have many preventative practices to keep each other safe and healthy, such as hand washing, wearing a fitted mask, improving ventilation, and keeping a safe distance from others. Following these everyday safety tips can reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19, or any other illnesses, such as Monkeypox. Let’s do our part to keep our nation strong and well, and we will get through this pandemic together,” said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez. 

Health care facilities on the Navajo Nation continue to administer COVID-19 vaccines. If you would like to receive one of the COVID-19 vaccines, please contact your health care provider and schedule an appointment.

“If you feel sick or have symptoms related to COVID-19, we kindly ask that you isolate at home and get necessary treatment if symptoms worsen. Please be safe and keep praying for our people who are fighting COVID-19 this week. We want everyone to be safe and healthy,” said Vice President Myron Lizer. 

For more information, including helpful prevention tips, and resources to help stop the spread of COVID-19, visit the Navajo Department of Health’s COVID-19 website: For COVID-19 related questions and information, call (928) 871-7014

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