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Posted: April 29, 2020



Please join Indianz.Com for another live edition of Indian Times with Kevin and Leo at 7:30pm Central on April 29, 2020.

Kevin Abourezk (Rosebud) and Leo Yankton (Oglala) will be discussing the Zachary Bear Heels case. The 29-year-old Lakota man died in June 2017 after an encounter with police officers in which he was repeatedly struck and beaten.

Though no one was held criminally responsible, the police department in Omaha, Nebraska, fired four officers who were involved. But Zachary’s family last week got another shock  — an arbitration panel ordered the city to reinstate three of the four officers.

“I just feel that they were all there, seeing him getting beaten and tased,” Zachary’s mother, Renita Chalepah, told Indianz.Com. “They all deserve the same treatment. They all do.”

They murdered my son, and that hurts,” Chalepah said, fighting back tears.

Indian Times with Kevin and Leo will be broadcast on Facebook:

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