Wyandotte company awarded $100M contract
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Wyandotte Nation and Department of Interior officials met in Washington, DC, on Thursday to sign a $100 million contract awarded to the Oklahoma tribe, one of the largest in government history for an Indian-owned business.

Through the Minerals Management Service (MMS), a bureau of the Interior, Wyandotte NetTel will provide telecommunications and information technology services to various federal agencies. Known as a "total solutions" contract, the five-year agreement brings flexibility to government agencies who need the types of services the tribally-owned company offers.

Managed under the GovWorks program, MMS acts as the broker between the government and the tribe. An agency who may be pressed for time comes to MMS with a particular need such as installation of network equipment.

MMS then arranges Wyandotte NetTel to do the work. For its services, MMS takes no more than 3 percent of the fee charged by the company.

According to Assistant Secretary Neal McCaleb, the agreement with Wyandotte NetTel shows that "tribes can build and sustain strong tribal economies through the successful diversification of their economic development portfolios."

"Through Wyandotte NetTel, the Wyandotte Nation is becoming a leader in the telecom business world," he said.

The company is blessed in a number of ways which helped lead to the awarding of the contract. Through the Small Business Administration, it is certified as a small and disadvantaged minority 8(a) business.

The company is also certified through SBA's "HUBZone" program. The designation is given to small companies located in an "historically underutilized business zone."

Indian Country qualifies as a HUBZone under the program.

According to the SBA, the Wyandotte NetTel contract is the second largest ever awarded to a tribally-owned enterprise. The largest was to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

The company has a number of federal contracts. Among its clients are the Army Corp of Engineers, the Social Security Administration and the Department of Commerce.

The tribe says the company has brought a wide number of benefits to tribal members. Revenues have provided funds for education, health care and housing programs.

The tribe has also been seeking to open a casino in nearby Kansas but has been opposed by the state and tribes there.

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