Abourezk: Exploiting Indians
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"To prove that there's nothing new under the sun, the story of White Clay, Neb., whiskey peddlers selling alcoholic beverages to the Indians from South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation is just a continuation of a story that began back in the 1800s.

Not long after the Pine Ridge Agency was established, prior to 1882, white-owned stores began springing up on the Nebraska side of the line selling guns, ammunition and whiskey. Valentine McGillicuddy, the government's agent in Pine Ridge, described the white squatters as "undesirables" who "will endeavor to settle on the land" near Big White Clay Creek. McGillicuddy at that time suggested to the Administration the establishment of a fifty square mile buffer zone along the Nebraska border as the only way to keep the undesirable whites and their whiskey away from the Indians. . ."

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LB 1306 (1/23)

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Local view: Still selling booze to Pine Ridge Indians after all these years (The Lincoln Journal Star 2/26)

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