Editorial: Redskins an honor to Native people
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"Redskins" honors Native people and isn't derogatory, The Washington Times writes in an editorial, responding to a resolution passed requesting that the football team drop its name.

According to the paper, and a member of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments who opposed the name, there is no factual evidence to support the idea that Redskins is offensive to American Indians. "And this is what differentiates the use of 'Redskins' from actual terms of opprobrium used to demean, belittle or delegitimize an ethnic or racial group," the paper writes.

The paper doesn't make note of a lawsuit filed by several Native activists which led the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to cancel the team's trademarks. As part of the case, research was conducted to determine how respondents viewed the term "Redskin."

The results supported the Native activists' claims, said the office.

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