Editorial: Give Norton plan a chance
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In an editorial today, The Denver Post says Secretary of Interior Gale Norton's proposal to strip the Bureau of Indian Affairs of its trust responsibilities deserves a "chance" to be heard.

The paper says the problem will address criticisms that the BIA hasn't been able to fix the Individual Indian Money (IIM) trust. The paper, however, does not say that trust functions are handled throughout the Interior or that a non-BIA office created in 1994 that reports directly to Norton hasn't had much success at changing the situation either.

The paper also doesn't say that an entirely new office Norton created in July has yet to come up with any details about an accounting it is charged by law to provide.

The paper also says says a federal judge overseeing the trust fund debacle should let Norton -- or more specfically, her attorneys -- explain why her plan would work. "Having someone in charge of the accounts, someone who cannot duck responsibility or pass the buck, could go a long way toward changing the cavalier and arrogant attitudes in the Interior Department - attitudes that are at the heart of why the trust fund mess has festered for so long," the paper writes.

The paper does not voice an opinion on tribal leader's complaints about the plan.

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Editorial: Norton plan worth hearing (The Denver Post 11/26)

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