DOE Budget: Uranium cleanup funds cut
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APRIL 24, 2001

The proposed fiscal year 2002 budget for the Department of Energy cuts funds to cleanup a uranium mine heap in Utah that is leaking into the Colorado River.

The heap is located about 750 feet from the river. It contains 13 tons of material left over from a uranium mine shut down in 1984.

As part of an agreement to return land to the Northern Ute Tribe of Utah, the tribe agreed to fork over 9 percent of any future oil, gas, or mineral royalties to help pay for cleanup of the site, which is not located on tribal land but near the town of Moab.

There aren't currently any proposals to develop the Ute land base, which is about 84,000 acres. The DOE estimates $80 to $100 million could be contributed from the tribe while the cost to cleanup the Moab site is estimated to cost up to $300 million.

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