FBI Promises to Prevent Peltier Pardon
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A nationwide pre-emptive strike against what they believe to be the imminent presidential pardon of Leonard Peltier has been launched by the FBI.

In a letter written to the editors of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, David J. Williams, Special Agent in Charge of the Milwaukee FBI office, states that President Clinton may pardon Peltier in his final year of office. The Journal is publishing the letter in full in today's issue of the paper.

It reads in part:
Recently, information has been received to indicate that Leonard Peltier, who has been convicted for his direct participation in the murders of two special agents of the FBI, will be considered for release from prison as a result of executive intervention....
Enough is enough! Clearly, the record has established Peltier's responsibility for the willful murders of the FBI special agents and a continuing penchant to initiate violent confrontations with law enforcement officers. In accord with the mandate of our judicial system, Peltier should be required to serve the totality of his life sentence and never again be allowed to taste freedom.
A clemency campaign last year prompted national attention. In November, Tom Ammiano, then a San Francisco mayoral candidate, asked Clinton to grant Peltier clemency. Later, the National Association of Police Organizations wrote Clinton, urging him to reject all requests.

A group called the Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Association has also placed letters regarding Peltier's conviction, one appearing last year in the Washington Post. A similar letter appeared in Indian Country Today in 1994.

Peltier has a parole review hearing on June 12th.

Staff and news wires contributed to this report.

Read the FBI letter:
Peltier should be kept in prison (David Williams, Letter to the Editor, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 21, 2000)

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