Clinton pledges Indian Country support
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APRIL 14, 2000

In a speech last night to Indian supporters who paid $10,000-a-head to attend a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee party, President Clinton promised to spend the remainder of his term and his post-presidential years to improve lives throughout Indian Country.

Clinton's words are the latest in a series of recent events that have heightened attention on Indian Affairs, beginning with his historic visit to the Pine Ridge reservation and leading up to his State of the Union address in which he called on all Americans and the US government to live up to their promises to the First Americans. And although tribal leaders have cautioned the amount is not nearly enough, Clinton has also proposed to increase funding to Indian programs by $1.2 billion in the year 2001.

What impact will this have on Indian Country? As the President embarks on his Digital Divide Campaign, where he will stop at the Navajo Nation, many throughout Indian Country will be watching Clinton to find out the answer, long after he steps down from office.

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