Nipmuc council member happy for denial
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Although the tribal council of the Nipmuc Nation of Massachusetts issued a statement saying it viewed denial of its federal recognition petition both "positively and negatively," one member is leaning towards the former.

"I'm glad it happened," councilor Bill Bould told The Norwich Bulletin. "We stopped being an entity the minute outsiders came in flashing money around."

Gould might have additional reason to be happy. He was sanctioned in March for speaking to the media about the tribe's casino plans before they were officially announced.

The tribe subsequently announced it had signed a deal with Lakes Gaming to run a casino. Casino plans are now in doubt with Assistant Secretary Neal McCaleb's decision to deny federal acknowledgment to the tribe.

The tribe has been state-recognized since the 17th century.

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BIA reverses earlier Nipmuc findings (The Norwich Bulletin 9/28)
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