Minn. man sentenced for eagle violation
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MAY 31, 2001

A Minnesota man was sentenced to hree years' probation and six months of electronic home monitoring for selling Indian artifacts containing eagle feathers.

Selling bald and golden eagle parts or feathers is a violation of federal law. But while Timothy P. Kornwolf has plead guilty to his crimes, he will be appealing the case to challenge two eagle protection laws.

Kornwolf is pitting his hopes on what he says is the Supreme Court's change of heart on the possession of eagle feathers. The Court in 1979 previously ruled that protections apply to items predating the passage of the Bald and Golden Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Kornwolf claims he obtained the items through his uncle, who got them while working for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1904. Kornwolf sold a Sioux dance shield for $7,000 and a headdress for $15,000.

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Man who sold items with eagle feathers sentenced (AP 5/30)

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Andrus v. Allard 441 US 51 (Sup Ct 1979)

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