Haida Nation making land claim
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The Haida First Nation in British Columbia, Canada, is filing a lawsuit claiming Queen Charlotte Islands. The band wants to stop drilling within 200 miles of the islands and start managing the land.
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The new cultural and heritage centre in St. Johns won't have an exhibit on the Metis Nation because the federal government doesn't recognize the band's aboriginal status.
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The Innu Nation is warning band members not to hunt woodland caribou for fear they are contributing to a decline in the animal's numbers.
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Health Labrador might discipline a social worker who said the health care system in the Innu community of Sheshatshuit is overtaxed and ineffective.
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Indian Affairs Minister Robert Nault is pushing for full settlement of six Yukon First Nation land claims but Kwanlin Dun negotiator Mike Smith says the government is dragging its feet.
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Iqaluit hunters are waiting for answers -- and possibly compensation -- for smelly and oddly-coloured gas they use in their snowmobiles. Government officials are waiting for tests from the U.S. and England.
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