Nev. wants nuclear recomendation delayed
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Citing irreparable harm to its economy and well-being, the state of Nevada asked a federal appeals court on Thursday to stop Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham from recommending the nation's nuclear waste be buried there.

Abraham has already informed the state of his decision to recommend Yucca Mountain as the waste repository. He will make the formal request to President Bush early next month, after which time Congress can disapprove.

Along with area tribes, politicians and residents in Nevada oppose the site. Gov. Kelly Guinn (R) told Abraham in a letter yesterday that citing national security as justification for the site was inappropriate.

Nevada's senators, Harry Reid (D) and John Ensign (R), were bolstered yesterday by conclusions of an independent nuclear panel that has criticized the scientific evaluation of Yucca Mountain. The Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board has raised numerous questions about waste storage.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, an independent agency which licenses nuclear facilities, publishes today new rules affecting the site. The rules eliminate events considered unlikely to occur.

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