Street for 'Fighting Sioux' friend sought
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The North Dakota Board of Higher Education is considering naming a street at University of North Dakota after wealthy benefactor and "Fighting Sioux" defender Ralph Engelstad.

Ralph Engelstad Drive, if approved, leads to Ralph Engelstad Arena. The $80 million arena was donated to the school by Engelstad, who threatened to let it rot if university president Charles Kupchella decided to get rid of the "Fighting Sioux" nickname.

Board members, who last December stepped in to keep the name, will vote Friday to consider the street, which has to be approved by the Grand Forks city as well.

Besides supporting a name opposed by area tribes and most Indian students, Engelstad is known as a purveyor of Nazi paraphenalia. He held parties on Hitler's birthday, bought Nazi property and was fined $1 million by the state of Nevada for damaging the state's reputation.

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Board considers renaming street after Engelstad (The Grand Forks Herald 9/27)

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