Yellow Bird: Taxes bills and orange peels
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MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2003

"There's still a buzz left in my head from this year's tax season. Yes, I made the April 15 deadline, but not by much. This time of the year gives me a distinct dislike for the Internal Revenue Service. But it's my fault because I procrastinate.

I kept putting off dumping the two large cardboard boxes containing what I labeled "tax stuff" on the floor of the living room so I could start to sort. When I emptied the bulging boxes, I found some real tax stuff, old magazines and newspapers, 2000 and 2001 receipts (2002 were at bottom of the box), miscellaneous letters, bank statements, other important-looking papers and two dried orange peels.

Here's why there is confusion in my tax stuff. After about two months into the tax year, I forget that the tax box is for tax stuff and toss anything I want to save into it.

While sorting, I mumble to myself about the IRS and taxes, while I unfold papers that say "important tax information" and smooth out wrinkled receipts. I also scold myself for not keeping better records.

After the third weekend of sorting, I had to do it. I had to get in and get the thing done. April 15 was approaching."

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