Column: Shame shame shame on Navajo Nation VP
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"Navajo Nation Vice President Frank Dayish Jr. has a blow torch pointed his way over recent uranium remarks and wants to make the media his whipping boy. I don't blame him. When all else fails, shift the blame to the press. I would, however, expect the vice president to take more responsibility for himself.

Dayish does not want an informed public. I have been trying to get an interview with him since the first week in March without a response. He believes a well-educated person, such as himself, can control those who have less-formal education. In other words, he believes the public is naive and the press is incapable of understanding A, B or C.

Shame, shame, shame on Dayish for his arrogance a word I hear often from his own Navajo constituents to describe him."

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Jim Snyder: Dayish likes to blame the press for his shortcomings (The Farmington Daily Times 4/10)