Sherman Alexie: A Native perspective on war
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"I have little doubt that the United States will soon go to war against Iraq. I hope I'm wrong. I hope we find alternative and nonviolent methods of kicking the crap out of Saddam Hussein and his sociopathic regime, but I don't think the current president and his administration are philosophically capable of nonviolent action.

Instead, the latest war with Iraq will last a week or so, a few dozen U.S. soldiers will be wounded or killed in action, tens of thousands of Iraqis will die, and Saddam Hussein will be dead, exiled, or disappeared. The United States will then occupy Iraq for an indefinite period of time as we install a new government and leaders who we hope will become democratic and progressive. However, I have serious doubts about our ability to choose moral leaders, considering the fact that the United States funded and helped create the political and military careers of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and a few dozen other dictatorial Frankensteins."

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