Opinion: Approve recognition of Lumbee Tribe
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"Senator Elizabeth Dole proposed a bill last Friday that would give the Lumbee Indian tribe full recognition -- including benefits such as money for economic development, housing, education and health care. Dole is lining up co-sponsors for the bill, which is a significant move that should be allowed to pass.

The Lumbee tribe is the eighth largest in the nation with 55,000 people. Forty-five thousand of those live in Robeson County, right here in North Carolina. It is the largest Native American group east of the Mississippi River.

The bill will hopefully pass this year but might not until 2004, or it could even be refused. Refusal would be ludicrous. In a time when equality is the most sought-after and attained status, Congress would be very callous in not passing the bill."

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Holly Bezant: Lumbee tribe recognition long overdue (The Technician 2/27)

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