Opinion: Makah Nation whale hunt is not legal
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"Americans decided long ago that hunting whales for commercial, recreational and other non-subsistence purposes is simply unacceptable. Allowing the Makah tribe to hunt even a small number of whales for "cultural" reasons sets a dangerous precedent for allowing other "cultural" whale hunts around the world. Japanese, Norwegian and some Native hunters are just waiting for the chance to reopen commercial whaling under the guise of culture, and the Japanese have already pointed to the Makah hunt as illustrative of American duplicity on this issue.

We must oppose all non-subsistence whale hunting, regardless of whether the whale hunters are European, Asian, Native American or any other ethnicity.

We respect the culture and treaty rights of the Makah, but insist that our federal government must respect domestic environmental laws and international treaty obligations to protect whales. Our federal agencies should stop wasting tax dollars to promote whale killing in the U.S., and the Makah — many of whom do not support whale hunting — should look toward whale watching and other humane opportunities to benefit from the presence of whales in Puget Sound."

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Michael Markarian and Naomi A. Rose: Makah whale hunts illegal (The Seattle Times 2/12)

Get the Decision:
ANDERSON v. EVANS, No. 02-35761 (9th Cir. December 20, 2002)

Relevant Documents:
Makah Whaling Environmental Assessment | Marine Mammal Protection Act

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