Column: 'Bad business deal' with tribe
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"On Tuesday the Unified Government pulled a fast one, hastily cobbling together a deal for an Indian casino without the benefit of public hearing or input.

It was a done deal before most folks had gulped down their first cup of coffee at work.

Few details of the deal were available at this writing. Two local governments in Wyandotte County apparently would share a 5.9 percent cut from gaming revenues. The casino and perhaps a hotel apparently would pay no other taxes and submit to no local building codes.

But that's not the worst of it. If this extraordinarily bad business bargain stands, local government will have been midwife to a 52-acre sovereign Indian nation -- which it can neither legally control nor influence -- smack in the heart of the city's most vital economic development."

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GAMBLING & TOURISM: Last week was rough on business in Wyandotte County (The Kansas City Star 11/12)

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