Opinion: Don't let felons run the tribe
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"The Turtle Mountain Tribal Court ruled Oct. 1 that three amendments to the tribe's constitution are invalid, clearing the way for convicted felons to run for and serve in elected tribal office. The ruling comes just weeks before the tribal elections. It is expected that four sitting councilmen, currently awaiting trial in federal court on felony charges (which include stealing from the tribe), will run for re-election.

The 1997 amendments, approved by the voters and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, were adopted specifically to prevent felons from running for or serving in elected office. The tribal court's Oct. 1 ruling held that the amendments violate the U.S. Constitution and the Indian Civil Rights Act.

The ruling, barely more than one page long, contains no analysis and came swiftly, while other important cases remain unheard. . ."

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Jerilyn Monette DeCoteau: Decision does tribe injustice (The Grand Forks Herald 10/10)

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