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Native America Calling: Summer Playlist with Native pop and hip-hop
Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Summer Playlist: new pop and hip-hop
A good playlist makes the summer heat bearable and sets the mood on an invigorating road trip.

In his new album titled Stankface Standing Soldier, composer and hip-hop artist Mato Wayuhi brings listeners along on his journey with beats that range from relaxing to energetic and melodic stories that keep you thinking.

Toni Heartless mixes hip-hop, punk, and goth genres in a danceable and edgy new album called Dark Days. And Juno-award winning artist Celeigh Cardinal summons personal strength in a couple of new singles just ahead of the June 21 release of her newest album, Boundless Possibilities.

Join Native America Calling to talk with Mato, Toni, and Celeigh about new music that you can add to your summer road trip playlist.

Mato Wayuhi: Fee Fi Fo Fum feat. Black Belt Eagle Scout

Toni Heartless: A Wake is a Funeral Party

Celeigh Cardinal: Wandering River (Official Video)

Guests on Native America Calling
Mato Wayuhi (Oglala Lakota), composer, musician, and rapper

Toni Heartless (Diné, Choctaw, Filipino) artist

Celeigh Cardinal (Cree Métis), artist

Celeigh Cardinal
Celeigh Cardinal. Photo: Coldsnap

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