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Native America Calling: Weighing in on the authenticity of totems
Friday, February 9, 2024

Weighing in on the authenticity of totems
It takes more than just the right tools to carve a totem.

Unless they are made by members of one of the traditional totem-carving coastal Pacific tribes, they may appropriating the often sacred symbols and methods those tribes reserve.

Totems on public display by cities, schools, museums, and sports teams are coming under new scrutiny.

Red Road to DC
A figure of an eagle is seen on a 25-foot, 5,000-pound totem pole created by the House of Tears Carvers from the Lummi Nation in Washington state. Photo by Indianz.Com (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Guests on Native America Calling
Sgwaayaans T.J. Young (Haida), carver

Carey Newman (Kwakwaka’wakw and Stó:lō), master carver, artist, and Impact Chair for Indigenous Art Practices at the University of Victoria

Greg Colfax KlaWayHee (Makah), carver and artist

Chairman Mike Evans (Snohomish Tribe of Indians), creator of Welcoming Figure at the Greater Kent Historical Society and Museum in the city of Kent, Washington

Jewell James (Lummi Nation), master carver

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