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Tribes eligible for opioid overdose emergency treatment medication as part of settlement
Monday, October 9, 2023

The tribal participation form must be submitted online, the National Indian Health Board said in an update on October 11, 2023. Tribes must create an account on the Tribal Opioid Settlements Website to access and complete the “Naloxone Interest Form” to receive their shares of the overdose treatment medication.

Please refer to the NIHB update for corrected instructions on submitting the form.

Tribes have until October 15 to secure free opioid overdose emergency treatment medication for their communities.

The generic Naloxone is being provided as part of a tribal opioid settlement. Tribes are eligible to receive free boxes of the lifesaving medication every year for 10 years.

But in order to receive their shares, tribes must submit a participation form by email, fax or mail. Boxes of Naloxone can then be shipped to the tribe’s pharmacy, the Indian Health Service or another designated recipient.

“It is important to note that, while the Naloxone is free, the interest form must be filled out by the deadline for Tribes to receive their units,” the National Indian Health Board said in an update on Monday. “If a Tribe does not fill out the interest form, their shares will be distributed to other interested Tribes.”

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The number of units of Naloxone each tribe will receive has already been determined by an allocation formula. According to the NIHB, each unit contains 12 boxes, and each box contains two doses of the opioid overdose emergency treatment medication.

The allocation list has been published online, in spreadsheet format [XLSX], at A copy of the document [PDF] shows that 245 tribes — or nearly 43 percent of the 574 federally recognized Indian nations — will receive one unit, meaning 12 boxes of the Naloxone doses.

The participation form can be found in the “Documents” section of It is the PDF labeled “Teva/Allergan Participation Form.”

For those tribes that wish to submit a participation form online, registration is required at a separate site called MDL Centrality, which is described as the “industry leading mass tort litigation management platform.” The tribal opioid settlement is on the portal.

According to Special Master David R. Cohen, the Tribal Allocation Appointee for the tribal opioid settlement, the Teva pharmaceutical company has agreed to pay about $119 million to all tribes, whether or not they participated in the litigation. The money is being distributed over 13 years, based on an allocation formula.

Additionally, Teva agreed to provide the free Naloxone doses for 10 years, the inter-tribal allocation memo authored by Cohen states. The memo is dated September 19.

Allergan is also part of the tribal opioid settlement. The company, whose generic pharmacy business was acquired by Teva, agreed to pay tribes nearly $71 million over six years.

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Note: Thumbnail photo of sticker showing the availability of Naloxone at the headquarters of the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C., by Amy Rossetti / HHS