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Jim Yellow Hawk
Jim Yellow Hawk has refined his niche in the Native American art market with his signature style of ledger art with traditional imagery often beautified with Kimimila (butterflies) and Tusweca (dragonflies). Photo by Ernestine Anunkasan Hupa / Native Sun News Today
Black Hills Indian Artist Market Holiday Show: Something for everyone’s tastes
Thursday, January 5, 2023
Native Sun News Today Assistant Editor

RAPID CITY, South Dakota — Indigenous art that illuminates the artscape of He Sapa is essential to the “heart of everything that is.” And many indigenous artists augment their incomes by selling their works at local art markets and shows.

However, during the pandemic, many professionals, whose sole means of survival is their ability to access these markets, were hit hard.

So artists Lorri Ann Two Bulls and her cousin Duwana Two Bulls came up with an ingenious way to subvert the impact the shutdowns were having on their way of life.

“We are a family of artists. Our sons are musicians and we were all hit really hard by the pandemic,” Lorri Ann said. “We contacted the Dahl and they really worked with us. We were able to secure a missions rate for space. We were able to offer table spaces to the artists for $40 each.”

After they contacted the Dahl they set out planning what became known as the Black Hills Indian Artist Market. Last month was the third art exhibition they’ve organized and was called the Black Hills Indian Artist Market Holiday Show, just in time for Christmas. The event turned out be more than just an art show, it was more of an art experience, where attendees were fully immersed in the art, culture, song and dance of local indigenous people.

On Saturday December 3, from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. at the Vucurevich Event Center at the Dahl, the local community was privileged to view and purchase work from award winning artists; Martin Red Bear, Jim Yellow Hawk, Linda and Paul Szabo, Iris Sully, Steve Barba, Galen Laroche, Lorri Ann Two Bulls, Jhon Goes in Center, Gene Swallow, Wade Patton, Ray Janis, James Star Comes Out, Joelle Follows the Road, Patricia Whithorne, Debbie Rattling Leaf, Michael Two Bulls, John Beheler, Alex Romero, Dwayne Wilcox, Jesse Taken Alive-Rencountre, Michael Patton, Tani Gordon, Don Montileaux, Jennifer White, Molina Two Bulls-Parker, Bryan Parker, Bobbie Parker, Dustin Twiss, Una Howe, Stan Hawkins, Tosa Two Hearts, Sheldon Starr, Samantha Ecoffey, Danielle and Janie Hudpeth, Shannon Meeks, Pati Belgarde-Cornelius, Marty Two Bulls Sr. and the Oglala Lakota College Students Arts booth.

Artist Jim Yellow Hawk who was meticulously disassembling his booth, said the show was worth the effort as he was able to secure a few sales, “It was pretty good.”

During the day, art aficionados enjoyed an Indigenous fashion show organized by Duwana Two Bulls. Featured designers were Alex Romero, Tosa Two Heart, Patricia Whithorne, Samantha Ecoffey and Beverly Pipe on Head.

Also featured on the Vucurevich stage was the “Dances with Words” Rising Star Poets; Pte San Win Little Whiteman, Ashanti Martin, Jaxsyn Claymore with Elder Story Teller Victor Swallow. Entertainment during the day was also provided by Spur Pourier and Terry Holiday.

Eyapaha for the day’s activities was Chris Eagle Elk with Drum Group Manual Black Bear and Creekside.

Another art show is scheduled for April. For more info contact Lorri Ann (605) 407-8157 or Duwana (605) 431-2505

Contact Ernestine Anunkasan Hupa at

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