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Native America Calling: The significance of cedar
Friday, December 9, 2022

The significance of cedar
Cedar is an important part of many tribal cultures.

The tall evergreens in the Pacific Northwest are carved into totem poles and canoes. The spiny and fragrant leaves can be used to flavor food. I

t’s also incorporated into ceremony and has some medicinal use. Today on Native America Calling, Shawn Spruce talks about the significance of cedar in Native America.

Orca Cove Media: Story of the Elders – A Cedar is Life

Guests on Native America Calling
Harold Joe (Cowichan First Nation) and Leslie Bland, the directors, producers, and writers of “A Cedar is Life

Dave Smoke-McCluskey (Mohawk), chef and owner of the Corn Mafia

Ruben Littlehead (Northern Cheyenne), announcer for the Gathering of Nations Powwow.

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