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Flandreau Indian School, South Dakota
The choir at Flandreau Indian School in South Dakota. Photo: Library of Congress
List of Federal Indian Boarding Schools as of April 1, 2022
Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The following is a searchable list of Indian boarding schools identified by the Department of the Interior as part of the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative.

The information is drawn from Appendix A of Volume 1 of the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Investigative Report. It shows the 408 schools were identified in 37 states, including 21 in Alaska and seven in Hawaii. Over time, the schools were located at 431 sites.

“The research conducted has resulted in the identification of hundreds of boarding schools that have been considered against four criteria,” the 27-page document reads. “All four criteria must be met for an institution to be considered a FIBS.”

The four criteria follow:

  1. Housing – Institution ever described as providing housing or overnight lodging to attendees on site.
  2. Education – Institution ever described as providing formal academic or vocational training or instruction.
  3. Federal Support – Institution ever described as having federal government funds or other support provided to the institution.
  4. Timeframe – Institution operational at any time prior to 1969.

The following table is sorted by state by default. Use the search box to find specific places. Navigation links (Previous, Next) are found at the bottom of the table.

List of Federal Indian Boarding Schools as of April 1, 2022
NameOther NamesCityState
Asbury Manual Labor School and MissionFort MitchellFort MitchellAlabama
Anvik MissionChrist Church MissionAnvikAlaska
Copper Valley Boarding SchoolGlennallenAlaska
Douglas Island Friends Mission SchoolJuneauAlaska
Eklutna Industrial SchoolEklutna Orphanage; Eklutna Indian Vocational Industrial School; Eklutna Native School; Eklutna Vocational SchoolEklutnaAlaska
First Mission HouseBethel Indian SchoolBethelAlaska
Fort Wrangell Tlingit Industrial SchoolFort Wrangel Thlinkit Academy; Fort Wrangle Training School; Tlingit Training AcademyWrangellAlaska
Friends High SchoolKotzebue Friends High School; Kotzebue Friends SchoolKotzebueAlaska
Holy Cross Boarding SchoolKosoreffsky; Anilukhtakpak; Askhomute; Koserefsky; Holy Cross Mission; Holy Cross Boarding and Day School and OrphanageHoly CrossAlaska
Jesse Lee Home for Children - AnchorageAlaska Children's ServicesAnchorageAlaska
Jesse Lee Home for Children - SewardSewardAlaska
Jesse Lee Home for Children - UnalaskaUnalaskaAlaska
Kanakanak Hospital, Orphanage, and SchoolKanakanakAlaska
Kodiak Aleutian Regional High SchoolKodiak Aleutian Regional SchoolKodiakAlaska
Longwood SchoolWoody Island Mission and OrphanageKodiakAlaska
Mt. Edgecumbe Boarding SchoolMount Edgecumbe; Mt. Edgecumbe High School*SitkaAlaska
Nunapitsinghak Moravian Children's HomeKwethlukAlaska
Seward SanitariumSewardAlaska
Sitka Industrial Training SchoolSitka Mission; Industrial Home for Boys; Sheldon Jackson Institute; Sheldon Jackson School; Sheldon Jackson College; Sitka No 2SitkaAlaska
St. Mark's Episcopal Mission SchoolSt. Mark's Church; SkagwayNenanaAlaska
St. Mary Mission School - AkulurakSt. Mary Mission, School and Church of the Nativity; St. Joseph's MissionAkulurakAlaska
St. Mary Mission School - AndreasfskySt. Mary Mission, School and Church of the Nativity; St. Joseph's MissionAndreasfskyAlaska
White Mountain Boarding SchoolWhite Mountain Industrial SchoolWhite MountainAlaska
William E. Beltz Boarding SchoolNome BeltzNomeAlaska
Woody Island Mission and OrphanageLongwood SchoolAleksashkinaAlaska
Wrangell InstituteShoemaker Bay Industrial SchoolWrangellAlaska
Blue Canyon SchoolBlue Cañon School; Blue Canyon Day School; Blue Canyon Boarding School; Western Navajo or Navaho Training School; Western Navajo or Navaho Boarding SchoolBlue CanyonArizona
Chinle Boarding SchoolChinle School; Chin LeeChinleArizona
Chinle Boarding SchoolChinle School; Chin Lee; Many Farms Elementary School FacilityMany FarmsArizona
Colorado River Boarding SchoolColorado River School; Colorado River Agency Boarding SchoolParkerArizona
Dennehotso Boarding SchoolDennehotso Boarding School*DennehotsoArizona
Dilcon Boarding SchoolDilcon Community School*WinslowArizona
Fort Apache Boarding SchoolWhite Mountain Apache Boarding School; Whiteriver School; Fort Apache Training SchoolWhiteriverArizona
Fort Defiance Boarding SchoolNavajo Indian Boarding School; Navajo Agency Boarding School; Navajo Industrial School; Navajo Training School; Navajo Agency School; Southern Navajo SchoolFort DefianceArizona
Fort Mojave Industrial SchoolFort Mojave Boarding School; Fort Mojave Training School; Fort Mohave; Fort Mojave School; Herbert Welsh InstituteMohave ValleyArizona
Ganado Navajo Presbyterian Mission SchoolKirkwook Memorial Training School; Ganado Mission School; Ganado Boarding School; Ganado Mission High School; Sage Memorial Hospital School of Nursing; College of GanadoGanadoArizona
Greasewood Boarding SchoolGreasewood School; Greasewood Toyei Consolidated Boarding School; Greasewood Springs Boarding and Day School; Greasewood Springs Community School*GanadoArizona
Havasupai Boarding and Day SchoolHavasupai Indian School; Havasupai Elementary School*SupaiArizona
Hunters Point Boarding School*Hunter's Point Indian SchoolSt. MichaelsArizona
Kaibeto Boarding School*Kaibeto Day SchoolKaibetoArizona
Kayenta Indian SchoolKayenta Day School; Kayenta Community School*KayentaArizona
Keams Canyon Boarding SchoolMoquis Indian School; Moqui Industrial School; Moquis Boarding School; Keam's Canyon (Moqui Boarding); Keam's Cañon; Keam's Canyon (Hopi); Hopi Boarding School; Hopi (Moqui) Training School; Keams Canyon Elementary School*Keams CanyonArizona
Kinlichee Indian SchoolKinlichee Day School; Kin Dah Lichi'i Olta'*KinlicheeArizona
Klagetoh Boarding and Day SchoolKlagetohArizona
Leupp Boarding and Day SchoolLeupp Schools, Inc.*LeuppArizona
Low Mountain Boarding SchoolLow Mountain Boarding School; Low Mountain Day SchoolLow MountainArizona
Lukachukai Boarding and Day SchoolLuki Chuki Day School; Lukachukai Community School*LukachukaiArizona
Many Farms Community School*Many FarmsArizona
Many Farms High School*Many FarmsArizona
Marsh Pass SchoolMarsh Pass Indian Boarding School; Kayenta Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Kayenta TB Sanatorium; Kayenta SanatoriumKayentaArizona
Navajo Mountain Boarding and Day School, AZNavajo Mountain Community School; Naa Tsis’Ana Community School*TonaleaArizona
Nazlini Boarding SchoolNazlini Community School, Inc.*GanadoArizona
Phoenix Indian SchoolPhoenix Training School; Phoenix Training and Industrial School; Peel Institute; Phoenix SchoolPhoenixArizona
Pima Boarding SchoolPima Agency Boarding School; Pima Central Day School; Sacaton Boarding School; Sacaton Central SchoolSacatonArizona
Pine Springs Boarding SchoolPine Springs Day SchoolHouckArizona
Pinon Boarding SchoolPinon Dormitory; Pinon Day School; Pinon Community School*PinonArizona
Red Rock Boarding SchoolRed Rock Day School*Red ValleyArizona
Rice Station Boarding and Day SchoolRice Indian School; Rice Station Day SchoolRiceArizona
Rock Point Boarding and Day SchoolTsé Nitsaa 'HH] iKt Diné %L yOWD  Rock Point Community School*Rock PointArizona
Rocky Ridge Boarding SchoolRocky Ridge Day and Boarding SchoolKykotsmoviArizona
Rough Rock Demonstration SchoolRough Rock Day School; Rough Rock Community School*ChinleArizona
San Carlos Boarding and Day SchoolSan Carlos Agency Boarding School; San Carlos Day SchoolSan CarlosArizona
Santa Rosa Boarding SchoolSanta Rosa Day School*SellsArizona
Seba Dalkai Boarding School*Seba Dalkai Day School; Seba Dalkai SchoolWinslowArizona
Shonto Boarding SchoolShonto Indian School; Shonto Day School; Shonto Preparatory School*ShontoArizona
Steamboat Canyon Boarding and Day SchoolGanadoArizona
Teec Nos Pos Boarding SchoolTeecnospos; Teec Nos Pos Day School; T'iis Nasbas Community School*Teec Nos PosArizona
Theodore Roosevelt Indian Boarding SchoolTheodore Roosevelt Boarding School; Fort Apache School; Theodore Roosevelt School*Fort ApacheArizona
Tolani Lake SchoolTolani LakeArizona
Toyei Boarding SchoolToyei Navajo School; Greasewood/Toyei Consolidated Boarding SchoolToyeiArizona
Truxton Canyon SchoolValentine Indian School; Truxton Canyon Boarding SchoolValentineArizona
Tuba City Boarding School*Western Navajo Indian School; Tuba Vocational Boarding and Day SchoolTuba CityArizona
Tucson Indian Training SchoolTucson Industrial Boarding School; Tucson Training and Industrial School; Tucson Presbyterian SchoolTucsonArizona
Wide Ruins Boarding SchoolKinteel Olta'; Wide Ruins Community School*Wide RuinsArizona
Dwight Presbyterian Mission SchoolRussellvilleArkansas
Anaheim Boarding SchoolAnaheimCalifornia
Fort Bidwell Indian Boarding SchoolFort Bidwell Training School; Fort Bidwell Boarding SchoolFort BidwellCalifornia
Fort Yuma Indian Boarding SchoolWinterhavenCalifornia
Greenville Indian Industrial Boarding SchoolGreenville Training School; Greenville Day SchoolGreenvilleCalifornia
Hoopa Valley Boarding SchoolHupa Valley BoardingValleyCalifornia
Middletown Training SchoolMiddletownCalifornia
Perris Indian SchoolPerrisCalifornia
Round Valley Boarding SchoolCoveloCalifornia
Sherman InstituteRiverside; Sherman Indian High School*RiversideCalifornia
St. Anthony's Industrial School for IndiansSan Diego: Industrial Training School; San Diego: Industrial Boarding School; San Diego, St. Anthony'sSan DiegoCalifornia
St. Boniface Indian SchoolSt. Boniface Industrial; Saint Boniface Mission Boarding SchoolBanningCalifornia
St. Turibius Mission Boarding and Day SchoolKelseyville: St. Turbius Boarding SchoolKelseyvilleCalifornia
Fort Lewis Indian Boarding SchoolFort Lewis High School; Fort Lewis A&M College; Old Fort; Fort Lewis College*HesperusColorado
Good Shepherd Industrial SchoolHome of the Good Shepherd for Homeless Girls; E. M. Byers Home for Boys; Good Shepherd SchoolDenverColorado
Grand Junction Indian SchoolGrand Junction School; Grand Junction Training; Teller Indian School; Teller InstituteGrand JunctionColorado
Southern Ute Boarding School (Ignacio)Ignacio Indian Boarding School; Consolidated Ute - Ignacio; Ignacia; Ute Vocational; Southern Ute School; Southern Ute Agency Boarding School Ute Mountain Indian School; Ute Mountain DayIgnacioColorado
Ute Mountain Boarding SchoolSchool; Colorado - Ute Mountain; Ute Mountain 1; Colorado Ute - Ute MountainTowaocColorado
St. Augustine School for Apache Children at Fort MarianSt. Augustine Day School; Fort Marion; Castillo de San MarcosAugustineFlorida
High Tower Mission SchoolEtowah Mission School; Etonee SchoolCartersvilleGeorgia
Spring Place Mission SchoolSpringplace Moravian Mission School; Spring-placeSpring PlaceGeorgia
Hilo Boarding SchoolHiloHawaii
Industrial and Reformatory School (Kawailou)Koolau Boys' Home (Kawailou); Waialee Training School for Boys; Olomana School; Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility*Kawailou, O'ahuHawaii
Industrial and Reformatory School (Keoneula, Kapalama)Waialee Training School for Boys; Olomana School; Hawaii Youth Correctional FacilityKapalama, O’ahuHawaii
Industrial and Reformatory School (Waialee, Waialua)Waialee Training School for Boys; Olomana School; Hawaii Youth Correctional FacilityWaialee, Waialua, O'ahuHawaii
Industrial and Reformatory School for Girls (Keoneula, Kapalama)Maunawili Training Schools for Girls; Kawailoa Training School for Girls; Olomana School; Kawailoa Girls' Home; Hawaii Youth Correctional FacilityKeoneula, Kapalama, O’ahuHawaii
Industrial and Reformatory School for Girls (Maunawili, Ko’olaupoko)Maunawili Training Schools for Girls; Kawailoa Training School for Girls; Olomana School; Kawailoa Girls' Home; Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility*Maunawili, Ko’olaupoko, O’ahiHawaii
Industrial and Reformatory School for Girls (Mo'ili'ili, Honolulu)Maunawili Training Schools for Girls; Kawailoa Training School for Girls; Olomana School; Kawailoa Girls' Home; Hawaii Youth Correctional FacilityMo’ili'ili, Honolulu, O'ahuHawaii
Kamehameha Schools*Bishop SchoolHonoluluHawaii
Lahainaluna SeminaryLahainaluna High School*; Lahainaluna Trade SchoolLahania, MauiHawaii
Mauna Loa Forestry Camp SchoolMountain ViewHawaii
Molokai Forestry Camp SchoolKaunakakai, MolokaiHawaii
Fort Hall Boarding SchoolLincoln Creek Boarding SchoolFort HallIdaho
Fort Lapwai Training SchoolFort Lapwai Sanatorium and Hospital; Fort Lapwai Industrial SchoolFort LapwaiIdaho
Lemhi Boarding SchoolLemhi Boarding School Girls DormitoryLemhiIdaho
Mary Immaculate School at the Mission of the Sacred Heart of DeSmetSisters Building; De SmetDe smetIdaho
Nez Perce Boarding SchoolLapwaiIdaho
St. Joseph's Mission SchoolSlickpoo (St. Joseph)CuldesacIdaho
Homewood Boarding SchoolJubilee CollegeBrimfieldIllinois
St. Mary's Training School for BoysFeehanville School; Maryville Academy*FeehanvilleIllinois
St. Joseph's Indian Normal SchoolSaint Joseph's College*RensselaerIndiana
White Manual Labor Institute, IndianaWhite's Indiana Manual Labor InstituteWabashIndiana
Toledo Industrial Boarding SchoolToledo Sanatorium; Sac & Fox Indian Boarding and Mission School; Sac & Fox Sanatorium; Tama School; Tama SanatoriumToledoIowa
White's Manual Labor Institute - IowaIowa Boys Training School; Iowa Girls Training School; Indian Boarding School; Home and School for Boys and GirlsHoughtonIowa
Winnebago Mission SchoolYellow River SchoolAllamakee CountyIowa
American Indian InstituteRoe Indian InstituteWichitaKansas
Halstead Mennonite Mission Boarding SchoolHalstead Indian Industrial School; Mennonite Orphan HomeHalsteadKansas
Halstead SeminaryHalstead Fortbildungs-SchuleHalsteadKansas
Haskell Indian Industrial Training SchoolHaskell Junior College; Haskell Institute; Haskell Indian Nations University*LawrenceKansas
Iowa and Sac and Fox Indian Mission School - KSIowa and Sac Mission; Orphan Indian Institute; Iowa, Sac, and Fox Presbyterian Mission; Highland Presbyterian MissionHighlandKansas
Iowa and Sac and Fox of Missouri Boarding SchoolGreat Nemaha Boarding and Day School; Great Nemaha Industrial Orphan's Home; Great Nemaha Indian SchoolWhite CloudKansas
Kaw Methodist Mission SchoolKaw Manual Labor SchoolCouncil GroveKansas
Kickapoo Boarding SchoolKickapoo Industrial School; Kickapoo Training School; Kickapoo Rising Mission SchooHortonKansas
Osage Manual Labor School for Boys and Osage School for GirlsOsage Catholic Mission and Schools; St. Francis Institute; St. Ann's Academy; St. PaulSt. PaulKansas
Pottawatomie Boarding SchoolPotawatomi Boarding SchoolHoytKansas
Pottawatomie Mission Boarding SchoolPotawatomi Baptist Manual Labor School;Pottawatomie Training School; Baptist Mission SchoolTopekaKansas
Shawnee Methodist Indian MissionKansas CityKansas
Shawnee Methodist Mission and Indian Manual Labor SchoolFairwayKansas
St. Mary Mission and SchoolSt. Mary's College; Immaculate Conception ChurchSt. MaryKansas
Choctaw Indian AcademyGeorgetownKentucky
Baraga Chippewa Boarding and Day SchoolChippewa Mission; Holy Name Boarding and Day SchoolBaragaMichigan
Catholic Otchippewa Boarding SchoolOtchippewa Day and Orphan BoardingSchoolcraft CountyMichigan
Mackinac Mission SchoolMission House; Michilimackic or Michillimackinac School; Mackinaw Mission School for Native American and Metis ChildrenMackinac IslandMichigan
Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding SchoolMichigan Indian Industrial Boarding School; Mount Pleasant Indian School; Mount Pleasant TrainingMt. PleasantMichigan
New L'Arbre Croche Mission SchoolHoly Childhood of Jesus Catholic Church and Indian School; Holy Child Harbor Springs Boarding School; Holy Childhood of Jesus Church*Harbor SpringsMichigan
Ah-Gwah-Ching Sanatorium and SchoolConsolidated Chippewa Sanatorium; USPHS Minnesota State Indian Sanatorium; Minnesota Sanatorium for ConsumptivesOnigumMinnesota
Bena Boarding SchoolBenaMinnesota
Cass Lake Boarding SchoolCass LakeMinnesota
Covenant of our Lady of the LakeGraceville SchoolGracevilleMinnesota
Cross Lake Indian Residential SchoolPonemah Boarding School; Crosslake Boarding SchoolPonemahMinnesota
Holy Child AcademyAcademy of St. Rose; St. Bernard's HallAvocaMinnesota
Leech Lake Indian Boarding SchoolWalkerMinnesota
Morris Industrial School for IndiansThe School at Morris; University of Minnesota Morris*MorrisMinnesota
Nett Lake Boarding and Day SchoolNett LakeMinnesota
Pine Point Boarding and Day SchoolPine Point Experimental SchoolPonsfordMinnesota
Pipestone Indian SchoolPipestoneMinnesota
Red Lake Boarding and Day SchoolRed LakeMinnesota
St. Benedict's Academy at Saint JosephSaint Benedict’s Monastery; St. Benedict Mission and School; College of Saint Benedict*St. JosephMinnesota
St. Benedict's at White Earth MissionWhite Earth Mission Boarding School; St. Benedict’s Mission Boarding School; St. Benedicts Orphan SchoolWhite EarthMinnesota
St. Francis Xavier's Industrial SchoolSt. Francis Xavier's Academy; St. Francis Xavier’s SchoolAvocaMinnesota
St. John's Indian Industrial SchoolSt. John Abbey; College of St. John's; Saint John’s University*CollegevilleMinnesota
St. Mary's Mission Boarding and Day SchoolRed Lake Mission Boarding SchoolRed LakeMinnesota
St. Paul's Industrial SchoolClontarf Industrial SchoolClontarfMinnesota
Vermillion Lake Indian SchoolLake Vermillion Boarding SchoolTowerMinnesota
White Earth Boarding SchoolWhite EarthMinnesota
Wild Rice River Boarding and Day SchoolRice River Boarding and Day SchoolBeaulieuMinnesota
Bethel Mission SchoolMcCoolMississippi
Charity Hall Mission SchoolAmoryMississippi
Choctaw Central Indian SchoolChoctaw Central Middle and High School*ChoctawMississippi
Eliot SchoolElliot, Elliott, or Eliott Mission SchoolHolcombMississippi
Emmaus Mission SchoolEmmaus Station SchoolQuitmanMississippi
Martyn Mission SchoolHolly SpringsMississippi
Mayhew SchoolMayhew Mission School; Mayhew Station SchoolStarkvilleMississippi
Harmony Mission SchoolOsage Indian School and Trading Post Osage MissionPapinvilleMissouri
St. Regis SeminarySt. Ferdinand de Florissant; Florissant Mission School; St. Stanislaus SeminaryFlorissantMissouri
Blackfeet Agency Boarding and Day SchoolBrowningMontana
Crow Agency Boarding SchoolCrow Agency Public School; Crow Boarding SchoolCrow AgencyMontana
Crow Agency Boarding School - AbsarokeeAbsarokeeMontana
Cut Bank Creek Boarding SchoolCut Bank Boarding School; Cut Bank Creek Boarding and Day School; Blackfeet Boarding Dormitory and School; Blackfeet Dormitory*BrowningMontana
Fort Belknap Boarding and Day SchoolFt Belknap Industrial SchoolHarlemMontana
Fort Peck Agency Boarding SchoolPoplar Creek Boarding SchoolPoplarMontana
Fort Shaw Government Industrial Indian SchoolFort Shaw Training School; Fort Shaw Boarding SchoolFort ShawMontana
Holy Family Mission and SchoolHoly Family Catholic; Blackfeet Mission School; Holy Family Industrial School; Holy Family BoardingBrowningMontana
Montana Industrial School for IndiansBond's Mission SchoolCusterMontana
Pryor Creek Boarding SchoolPryor Boarding SchoolPryorMontana
St. Ignatius Mission and SchoolSt. Ignatius Industrial School; Academy of the Holy Family for Young Ladies; Flathead Agency Boy’s Boarding; Flathead Agency Girls' BoardingSt. IgnatiusMontana
St. Labre Indian Mission Boarding SchoolSt. Labre at Busby; St. Labre Indian School*AshlandMontana
St. Paul Mission and Boarding SchoolSt. Paul Mission Grade SchoolHaysMontana
St. Peter Mission SchoolCascadeMontana
St. Xavier Mission SchoolPretty Eagle Catholic Academy*St. XavierMontana
Tongue River Boarding SchoolGovernment School at Busby; Busby Indian SchoolBusbyMontana
Willow Creek Boarding SchoolOld Willow Creek Indian SchoolBrowningMontana
Wolf Point Mission Boarding and Day SchoolWolf PointMontana
Genoa Indian Industrial SchoolGenoa Manual Training; Genoa Day SchoolGenoaNebraska
Iowa Industrial SchoolOrphans Industrial Home; Iowa Industrial HomeNohartNebraska
Omaha Indian SchoolOmaha Boarding School; Omaha Industrial SchoolMacyNebraska
Omaha Mission BoardingOmahaNebraska
Otoe Missouria Indian Mission SchoolBarnestonNebraska
Santee Industrial SchoolSantee and Flandreau Boarding School; Santee Agency Boarding SchoolNiobraraNebraska
Santee Normal Training SchoolCongregational Church and Manse; Santee Training School; Pilgrim Congregational Church*SanteeNebraska
Silver Ridge SeminarySilver RidgeNebraska
Winnebago BoardingWinnebagoNebraska
Pyramid Lake Boarding and Day SchoolPyramid Lake Sanatorium; Nevada Day School; Pyramid Lake High School*NixonNevada
Stewart Indian Boarding SchoolStewart Institute; Carson School; Carson Industrial SchoolCarson CityNevada
Western Shoshone Boarding SchoolWestern Shoshoni SchoolOwyheeNevada
Alamo Navajo SchoolAlamo Boarding School; Alamo Navajo Day School; Alamo Navajo Community School; Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc.*AlamoNew Mexico
Albuquerque Indian SchoolIndian Pueblo Training School; Fisk Institute; Fiske Institute; Albuquerque Industrial Boarding School; Albuquerque Training School; Albuquerque Boarding SchoolAlbuquerqueNew Mexico
Baca Boarding and Day SchoolBaca Community School; Baca/Thoreau (Dlo'Ay Azhi) Community School; Baca/Dlo'Ay Azhi Consolidated Community School; Baca/Dlo'Ay Azhi CommunityPrewittNew Mexico
Beclabito Boarding SchoolBeclabito Day School*ShiprockNew Mexico
Canoncito Boarding SchoolCanoncito School; 7y+DMLLOHH Community School*To’HajiileeNew Mexico
Charles H. Burke Indian SchoolFort Wingate Boarding School; Wingate Indian SchoolFort WingateNew Mexico
Cheechilgeetho Boarding SchoolCheechilgeetho Day School; Chi Chil Tah Community School; Chichiltah-Jones Ranch Community School; Chi chil tah/Jones Ranch Community School*
VanderwagenNew Mexico
Chuska Boarding SchoolChoshgai Boarding School; Ch'ooshgai (Chuska) Community School; Chuska/Tohatchi Consolidated School
Ch'Ooshgai Community School*TohatchiNew Mexico
Coyote Canyon Boarding and Day SchoolBrimhallNew Mexico
Crownpoint Boarding SchoolT'iis Ts'ozi Bi'Olta'; Crownpoint Community SchoolCrownpointNew Mexico
Crystal Boarding SchoolNavajoNew Mexico
Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community SchoolDzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community Grant School*BloomfieldNew Mexico
Huerfano DormitoryHanaadli Community School/Dormitory, Inc.*; Huerfano Dormitory Day School; Huerfano Day School; Huerfano Boarding SchoolBloomfieldNew Mexico
Indian Pueblo Training SchoolPueblo Industrial SchoolDuranesNew Mexico
Institute of American Indian ArtsSanta FeNew Mexico
Iyanbito Boarding SchoolIyanbito Day SchoolFort WingateNew Mexico
Jicarilla Apache Boarding SchoolJicarilla Apache Indian Boarding School; Jicarilla Indian School; Jicarilla Boarding School; Jicarilla Training School; Jicarilla (Southern Mountain)DulceNew Mexico
Laguna SanatoriumLagunaNew Mexico
Lake Valley Navajo School*Lake ValleyLake ValleyNew Mexico
Mariano Lake Boarding SchoolMariano Lake Community School*CrownpointNew Mexico
Mescalero Boarding SchoolMescalero Apache School*MescaleroNew Mexico
Mexican Springs Boarding SchoolMexican Springs Day School; Mexican Springs DormitoryMexican SpringsNew Mexico
Naschitti Boarding SchoolNaschiti Day School; Naschiti Dormitory; Naschitti Elementary School*TohatchiNew Mexico
Nava Boarding and Day SchoolNewcombNew Mexico
Navajo Jewett Mission SchoolPresbyterian Mission School; Liberty (Jewett); Liberty Indians Boarding School; Navaho Mission SchoolWaterflowNew Mexico
Nenahnezad Boarding SchoolNenah-Nezad School; Nenannezed School; Fruitland Day School; Nenahnezad Community School*FruitlandNew Mexico
Pinedale Boarding SchoolPinedale School; Pinedale Day SchoolPinedaleNew Mexico
Pueblo Bonito SchoolCrownpoint Community School; Pueblo Bonito Boarding School; Eastern NavajoCrownpointNew Mexico
Pueblo Pintado Boarding SchoolPueblo Pintado School; Pueblo Pintado Day School; Pueblo Pintado Community School*CubaNew Mexico
Ramona Indian SchoolRamona Indian Girls School; Ramona Industrial School for Indian Girls; Ramona Boarding School; Ramona School; University of New MexicoSanta FeNew Mexico
San Juan Training SchoolSan Juan Boarding School; San Juan Indian SchoolShiprockNew Mexico
Sanostee Boarding SchoolSaynostee Day School; Sanostee Day School* Dawes Institute; Santa Fe Industrial Training School;SanosteeNew Mexico
Santa Fe Indian School*Santa Fe Indian Industrial School; Santa Fe TrainingSanta FeNew Mexico
Shiprock Indian Boarding SchoolShiprock Agricultural School; Shiprock Agricultural High SchoolShiprockNew Mexico
Sisters of Loretto SchoolBernalillo Boys' Boarding School; Bernalillo Girls’ Boarding School; Sisters of Loretta; Loretto Indian School; Bernalillo Boarding School; Sisters of Loretto School at Bernalillo; Bernalillo; LorettoBernalilloNew Mexico
St. Catherine Indian School*St. Catherine's Indian School; St. Catherine Industrial School; St. Catherine's Boarding School; St. Catharine's Boarding School; St. Catherine's MissionSanta FeNew Mexico
Standing Rock Boarding SchoolStanding Rock Community School; Tse’ii'ahi' Community School*Standing RockNew Mexico
Thoreau Boarding SchoolThoreauNew Mexico
Toadlena Boarding SchoolToadlena Day School; Toadlena Hospital; To’haali' Community School*ToadlenaNew Mexico
Tohatchi Boarding and Day SchoolLittle Water School; Little Water Day School;TohatchiNew Mexico
Torreon Community SchoolTorreon Day School; Torreon School; Na’Neelzhiin Ji'Olta*TorreonNew Mexico
Twin Lakes Boarding SchoolTwin Lakes Elementary School*Yah-Ta-HeyNew Mexico
White Horse Lake Boarding SchoolWhite Horse; Whitehorse LakeCubaNew Mexico
Wingate High School*Fort Wingate Vocational High School; Wingate Vocational High School; Wingate Vocational SchoolFort WingateNew Mexico
Zuni Boarding SchoolZuni Training School; Zuni Indian School; Zuni Sanatorium; Blackrock Sanatorium SchoolBlackrockNew Mexico
Seneca Mission and SchoolBuffalo Creek School; Buffalo Creek MissionBuffaloNew York
Thomas Indian SchoolGowanda School; Thomas Asylum of Orphan and Destitute Indian ChildrenIrvingNew York
Tonawanda Mission SchoolTonawandaNew York
Cherokee Boarding SchoolEastern Cherokee School; Eastern Cherokee Training School; Cherokee CentralCherokeeNorth Carolina
Judson CollegeHendersonNorth Carolina
Trinity College Industrial Indian Boarding SchoolTrinity College; Duke University*DurhamNorth Carolina
Valley Towns Baptist Mission SchoolValley-towns Mission SchoolValley TownsNorth Carolina
Bismarck Indian SchoolMandan Indian School; Bismarck Boarding School; Blamarck SchoolBismarckNorth Dakota
C. L. Halls' Congregational Mission Home School - ElbowoodsCharles Lemon Hall; Fort Berthold Mission Boarding and Day School; Fort Berthold Indian Mission SchoolElbowoodsNorth Dakota
C. L. Halls' Congregational Mission Home School - VillageCharles Lemon Hall; Fort Berthold Mission Boarding and Day School; Fort Berthold Indian Mission SchoolWhite ShieldNorth Dakota
Fort Berthold Agency Boarding SchoolIndustrial School; Elbowoods Community School; Elbowoods High SchoolElbowoodsNorth Dakota
Fort Stevenson Boarding SchoolFort Stephenson Industrial School Whipple Institute; Fort Totten Bonded IndustrialGarrisonNorth Dakota
Fort Totten Indian Industrial SchoolSchool; Tuberculosis Preventorium; Fort Totten Community SchoolFort TottenNorth Dakota
Fort Totten Indian SchoolFort TottenNorth Dakota
Fort Yates Government SchoolSt. Peter Catholic Mission School; Fort Yates Industrial Boarding SchoolFort YatesNorth Dakota
Maddock Agricultural and Training SchoolBenson County Agricultural and Training School; Maddock Public School*MaddockNorth Dakota
St. Mary’s Indian Industrial SchoolSt. Mary School at Turtle Mountain; St. Mary's (Turtle Mountain); Devil's Lake - Turtle Mountain (St. Mary's); St. Mary's Mission BoardingBelcourtNorth Dakota
St. Michael's Manual Labor SchoolSt. Michael's Mission SchoolSt. MichaelNorth Dakota
St. Michael's Mission SchoolOur Lady of Sorrows Chapel and School; Seven Dolors MissionFort TottenNorth Dakota
Standing Rock Agency Boarding SchoolStanding Rock Indian Industrial School; Standing Rock Industrial Boarding School; Standing Rock Community School*Fort YatesNorth Dakota
Wahpeton Indian SchoolWahpeton School; Wahpeton Indian School; Circle of Nations *WahpetonNorth Dakota
Absentee Shawnee Boarding SchoolShawneeOklahoma
Arapaho Manual Labor and Boarding SchoolArapaho Industrial Boarding School; Arapaho Boarding SchoolEl RenoOklahoma
Armstrong AcademyArmstrong Male Orphan Academy; Armstrong Male AcademyBokchitoOklahoma
Asbury Manual Labor SchoolEufalaOklahoma
Bloomfield Female AcademyBloomfield Female Seminary; Bloomfield Academy for GirlsAchilleOklahoma
Burney InstituteLebanon Orphan School; Chickasaw Orphan Home and Manual Labor SchoolLebanonOklahoma
Cache Creek Mission SchoolCache Creek BoardingApacheOklahoma
Cantonment Boarding SchoolMennonite Boarding; Mennonite Manual Labor and Boarding School at CantonmentCantonOklahoma
Carter SeminaryBloomfield Female Seminary; Carter Seminary ArdmoreArdmoreOklahoma
Cherokee Colored Boarding SchoolCherokee Colored High SchoolTahlequahOklahoma
Cherokee Female Seminary - Park HillCherokee AcademyPark HillOklahoma
Cherokee Female Seminary - TahlequahCherokee AcademyTahlequahOklahoma
Cherokee Male SeminaryTahlequahOklahoma
Cherokee Orphan Training SchoolCherokee Indian Orphan Asylum and School; Cherokee Orphan Asylum; Cherokee Orphan AcademyTahlequahOklahoma
Cheyenne and Arapaho Boarding SchoolConcho Indian Boarding SchoolConchoOklahoma
Cheyenne Manual Labor and Boarding SchoolCheyenne Industrial School; Cheyenne Boarding SchoolCaddo SpringsOklahoma
Chickasaw Manual Labor AcademyAcademy; McKendree Academy; Chickasaw Manual Labor Academy for Boys; Harley AcademyTishomingoOklahoma
Chilocco Indian Agricultural SchoolHaworth Institute; Chilocco Indian Industrial School; Chilocco Indian Agricultural School; Chilocco Indian School; Chilocco:TrainingNewkirkOklahoma
Chishoktak Boarding and Day SchoolBenningtonOklahoma
Colbert InstitutePerryvilleOklahoma
Collins InstituteColbert InstituteFriscoOklahoma
Coweta Boarding SchoolKowetah Mission; Kowetah Manual Labor Boarding SchoolCowetaOklahoma
Creek Orphan HomeCreek Orphan AsylumOkmulgeeOklahoma
Darlington Mission SchoolMennonite Boarding (Agency); Mennonite Manual Labor and Boarding School (Agency)El RenoOklahoma
El Meta Bond CollegeEl Meta Christian CollegeMincoOklahoma
Emahaka AcademyEmahaka MissionWewokaOklahoma
Euchee Boarding SchoolYuchi Boarding SchoolSapulpaOklahoma
Eufaula Boarding SchoolEufaula Dormitory; National High School at Eufaula; Eufaula High SchoolEufaulaOklahoma
Fort Coffee AcademyFort CoffeeOklahoma
Fort Sill Indian SchoolJosiah Missionary SchoolLawtonOklahoma
Haloche Indian Mission SchoolHaloche Industrial Institute; Haloche Industrial Institute; The Industrial Institute for the Deaf; Blind and Orphans of the Colored Race; The Negro Institution at TaftTaftOklahoma
Harley InstituteHarley Academy; Robinson AcademyTishomingoOklahoma
Harrell International InstituteSpaulding Female College; Spaulding InstituteMuskogeeOklahoma
International School of Blind and DeafInternational School of Blind and Deaf; Lura A. Lowrey School for the Blind; Oklahoma School for the BlindFort GibsonOklahoma
Jones Male AcademyJones AcademyHartshorneOklahoma
Kaw Boarding SchoolKaw TrainingWashungaOklahoma
Mary Gregory Memorial Mission SchoolMary Gregory MemorialAnadarkoOklahoma
McCabe BoardingPawhuska BoardingPawhuskaOklahoma
Mekusukey AcademySeminoleOklahoma
Murray State School of AgricultureTishomingoOklahoma
Murrow Orphan HomeMurrow Indian OrphanageMuskogeeOklahoma
Nazareth InstituteNazareth College; Nazareth Institute and Academy for GirlsMuskogeeOklahoma
Norwalk Academy for BoysFort CoffeeOklahoma
Nuyaka School and OrphanageNuyaka Boarding School; Nuyaka Mission SchoolNuyakaOklahoma
Oklahoma Presbyterian College for GirlsCalvin Institute; Durant Presbyterian CollegeDurantOklahoma
Old Goodland Indian OrphanageOld Goodland Indian Orphanage; Goodland Academy and Indian Orphanage; Old Goodland Indian Orphan Industrial School; Old Goodland Boarding SchoolHugoOklahoma
Osage Boarding SchoolPawhuskaOklahoma
Otoe Boarding SchoolOto Boarding School; Otoe Missouria Indian Mission SchoolRed RockOklahoma
Pawnee Boarding and Training SchoolPawnee Indian Agency; Pawnee Indian School and Pawnee Indian Boarding SchoolPawneeOklahoma
Pecan Creek Mission SchoolPecan Creek Boarding SchoolMuskogeeOklahoma
Ponca Boarding SchoolPonca Industrial Boarding SchoolWhite EagleOklahoma
Presbyterian School for Indian GirlsHenry Kendall College; Minerva HomeMuskogeeOklahoma
Quapaw Boarding SchoolQuapaw; Ottawa Industrial Boarding School; Quapaw Mission School; Quapaw Manual Labor SchoolQuapawOklahoma
Rainy Mountain Boarding SchoolGoteboOklahoma
Red Moon Boarding SchoolRed Moon Day SchoolHammonOklahoma
Riverside Indian SchoolRiverside Boarding; Wichita Caddo School San and Fox Mission School; Sac and Fox ManualAnadarkoOklahoma
Sac and Fox Indian Boarding SchoolLabor School; Sac and Fox Industrial and Boarding; Sac and Fox of the Mississippi Government Boarding SchoolStroudOklahoma
Sacred Heart Mission (St. Benedict’s)St. Benedict's Industrial School; Sacred Heart Mission Boarding; St. Benedict's College; Sacred Heart CollegeSacred HeartOklahoma
Sacred Heart Mission (St. Mary’s)St. Mary's Academy; St. Mary's Boarding; Sacred Heart Mission Boarding; St. Mary's ConventSacred HeartOklahoma
Seger Indian Training SchoolSeger Colony BoardingColonyOklahoma
Seneca Boarding SchoolSeneca Indian School; Wyandotte Mission; Seneca, Shawnee, and Wyandotte Industrial Boarding School; Seneca Industrial Boarding School; Seneca, Shawnee, and Wyandotte Boarding; Seneca (Quapaw)WyandotteOklahoma
Sequoyah Orphan Training SchoolSequoyah Vocational School; Sequoyah Indian High School; Sequoyah TrainingTahlequahOklahoma
Shawnee Boarding SchoolShawneeOklahoma
Spencer AcademyNational School of the Choctaw Nation; Choctaw AcademyFort TownsendOklahoma
St. Agnes AcademySt. Agnes Academy and Boarding School; St. Agnes Boarding School for BoysArdmoreOklahoma
St. Agnes MissionSt. Agnes Academy for GirlsAntlersOklahoma
St. Elizabeth's Boarding SchoolSt. Elizabeth's Convent; St. Elisabeth's AcademyPurcellOklahoma
St. John's School for Osage Indian BoysSt. John's BoardingBlackburnOklahoma
St. Joseph's SchoolSt. Joseph's Catholic Boarding School; St. Joseph Orphan School; St. Joseph Convent and Academy; St. Joseph's AcademyChickashaOklahoma
St. Louis School for Osage Indian GirlsSt. Louis Academy; St. Louis Boarding; St. Louis's; St. Louis Mission boardingPawhuskaOklahoma
St. Mary's Mission SchoolSt. Mary's of the Quapaw; St. Mary's Mission and School in Oklahoma; St. Mary's School for IndiansQuapawOklahoma
St. Patrick's Mission and Boarding SchoolAnadarko Boarding SchoolAnadarkoOklahoma
Tullahassee Boarding SchoolTullahassee Mission School; Tullahassee Manual Labor School; Tallahasse Mission BoardingTullahasseeOklahoma
Tuskahoma Female AcademyTuskahoma Institute; Tushkahoma Female Institute; Tushkahoma Female AcademyLyceumOklahoma
Wapanucka InstituteWapanucka Academy; Allen Academy; Wahpanucka Institute; Chickasaw Rock Academy; Wapanucka Female Manual Labour SchoolBromideOklahoma
Wealaka Boarding SchoolLeonardOklahoma
Wetumka Boarding SchoolCreek National Boarding School; Levering Manual Labor BoardingWetmukaOklahoma
Wewoka Mission SchoolRamsey Mission SchoolWewokaOklahoma
Wheelock AcademyWheelock Female Academy; Wheelock Orphan Academy; Wheelock Female Indian Academy; Wheelock Orphan School (Boys and Girls)MillertonOklahoma
Chemawa Indian Training SchoolSalem Indian School; United States Indian Training and Normal School; Salem Indian Industrial and Training School; Harrison Institute; Chemawa Indian School*SalemOregon
Forest Grove Indian Training SchoolForest Grove Manual Training SchoolForest GroveOregon
Grand Ronde Boarding SchoolManual Training School at Grand Ronde; Grand Ronde Agency SchoolhouseGrand RondeOregon
Kate Drexel Industrial Boarding SchoolKate Drexel Boarding School; Kate Drexel Industrial School; Kate Drexel Mission BoardingPendletonOregon
Klamath Agency Boarding SchoolKlamath Indian SchoolChiloquinOregon
Siletz Boarding SchoolLiberty Industrial School; Siletz Industrial Boarding SchoolSiletzOregon
Simnasho Boarding and Day SchoolSin-e-ma-sho Boarding SchoolSimnashoOregon
Umatilla Boarding and Day SchoolPendletonOregon
Warm Springs Boarding and Day SchoolWarm SpringsOregon
Yainax Indian Boarding SchoolYaimax Indian Boarding School for Girls; Yainax Industrial and Day School; Yainax Training SchoolBeattyOregon
Carlisle Indian Industrial SchoolCarlisle Training SchoolCarlislePennsylvania
Lincoln Institution for BoysBoys' Home of the Lincoln Institute; Educational Home for BoysPhiladelphiaPennsylvania
Lincoln Institution for GirlsGirls' Home of the Lincoln Institute; Lincoln InstitutePhiladelphiaPennsylvania
Martinsburg SchoolJuniata InstituteMartinsburgPennsylvania
Ascension Girls Boarding SchoolIndian School at Iyakaptope; Indian School at IyakaptapiSpring GroveSouth Dakota
Chamberlain Indian SchoolChamberlainSouth Dakota
Cheyenne River Agency Boarding SchoolForest City Boarding SchoolForest CitySouth Dakota
Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Boarding SchoolCheyenne River Community School; Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School*Eagle ButteSouth Dakota
Crow Creek Agency Boarding SchoolCrow Creek Industrial Boarding School; Fort Thompson Community School; Fort Thompson Indian School; Fort Thompson Vocational Day School; Fort Thompson Vocational Boarding and Day School; Victory No. 8 School DistrictFort ThompsonSouth Dakota
Flandreau Indian School*Flandreau Training; Riggs InstituteFlandreauSouth Dakota
Fort Bennett Boarding SchoolCheyenne River Agency Boarding School for Indian BoysNorth StanleySouth Dakota
Good Will Mission Boarding SchoolGoodwill Mission Boarding School; Good-Will Mission SchoolGoodwillSouth Dakota
Grace Mission Home Boarding and Day SchoolGrace Howard Mission Boarding and Day School; Grace Howard Boarding and Day School; Grace SchoolCrow CreekSouth Dakota
Grand River Boarding SchoolLittle EagleSouth Dakota
Hare Industrial SchoolBishop Hare Industrial School; Bishop Hare Mission HomeMissionSouth Dakota
Hope Indian Boarding SchoolSpringfield Indian SchoolSpringfieldSouth Dakota
Immaculate Conception Mission SchoolStephan Mission SchoolStephanSouth Dakota
Lower Brule Boarding and Day SchoolLower Brule Day School; Lower Brule Schools; Lower Brule Elementary School; Lower Brule Jr. High; Lower Brule High School*Lower BruleSouth Dakota
Lower Brule Industrial Boarding SchoolOacomaSouth Dakota
Oahe Boarding SchoolOahe Industrial School; Oahe Indian Mission SchoolPeoria FlatsSouth Dakota
Pierre Indian SchoolPierre Indian School Learning Center; Pierre Indian Learning Center; Pierre Indian Learning Center*PierreSouth Dakota
Pine Ridge Boarding SchoolOglala Pine Ridge Boarding School; Oglala Indian Training School; Oglala Community School; Pine Ridge School*Pine RidgeSouth Dakota
Plum Creek Boarding SchoolPlum CreekSouth Dakota
Rapid City Indian SchoolRapid City Indian School and Sanatorium; Rapid City Training; Sioux Sanatorium; Sioux San Hospital*Rapid CitySouth Dakota
Red Cloud Indian School*Holy Rosary Mission; Holy Rosary Mission Boarding School; Holy Rosary Mission SchoolPine RidgeSouth Dakota
Rosebud Agency Boarding and Day SchoolRosebud CommunityMissionSouth Dakota
Sisseton Agency Boarding and Day SchoolSisseton Training School; Sisseton Industrial School Indian Farm School; St. Benedict Mission FarmSissetonSouth Dakota
Panguitch Boarding SchoolSouthern Utah (Panguitch) Boarding School; Orton, Panguitch BoardingPanguitchUtah
St. George Southern Utah Boarding SchoolShebit School; Southern Utah Boarding SchoolSt. GeorgeUtah
Uintah Boarding and Day SchoolWhite Rocks Boarding School; Ute Indian Boarding SchoolWhiterocksUtah
Castleton AcademyCastleton University*CastletonVermont
Hampton InstituteButler School for Negro Children; Hampton Agricultural and Industrial School; Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute; Hampton University*HamptonVirginia
Chehalis Boarding and Day SchoolChehalis School; Puyallup-Chehalis SchoolOakvilleWashington
Colville Mission SchoolColville Boys' School; Colville Girls School; Colville SanitariumKettle FallsWashington
Cushman Indian SchoolCushman Indian Trades School; Puyallup Indian School; Puyallup Boarding SchoolTacomaWashington
Fort Simcoe Indian Boarding SchoolYakama; Yakima Indian Boarding School; Yakima Agency Boarding School; Yakima Reservation School; Yakima SchoolWhite SwanWashington
Fort Spokane Boarding SchoolSpokane School; Fort Spokane Indian SchoolDavenportWashington
Neah Bay Boarding and Day SchoolNeah Bay Industrial Boarding SchoolNeah BayWashington
Puyallup Indian SchoolPuyallup Industrial School; Cushman Indian Trades School; Puyallup Indian School; Puyallup Boarding SchoolSquaxin IslandWashington
Quinaielt Boarding and Day SchoolQuinailt School; Taholah (Quinaielt) Day School; Taholah Day School; Tahola Day SchoolTaholahWashington
S'Kokomish Boarding and Day SchoolSkokomish SchoolOlympiaWashington
St. George Indian Residential SchoolSt. George's Mission School; St. George's Industrial School; St. George's Boarding School; St. George’s Catholic Boarding SchoolFederal WayWashington
St. Joseph's Boarding SchoolNorth Yakima: St. Joseph's Boarding SchoolFederal WayWashington
St. Mary's Mission SchoolPaschal Sherman Indian School*OmakWashington
Tonasket Boarding SchoolOkanagan Boarding SchoolTonasketWashington
Tulalip Indian Industrial SchoolTulalip Training School; Tulalip Industrial Boarding School; Tulalip Agency, Male and Female SchoolTulalip BayWashington
Tulalip Mission SchoolSt. Anne's Catholic Mission School; Tulalip Mission School of Our Lady of Seven Dolors; Tulalip Boarding SchoolPriest's PointWashington
Bayfield Mission Boarding and Day SchoolHoly Family Mission SchoolBayfieldWisconsin
Good Shepherd Industrial SchoolHouse of the Good ShepherdWauwatosaWisconsin
Hayward Boarding SchoolHayward Indian SchoolHaywardWisconsin
Lac du Flambeau Boarding SchoolLac du FlambeauWisconsin
Menominee Boarding SchoolGreen Bay Boarding School; Keshena School; Keshema; Menomonee Industrial School; Menominee Tribal School*KeshenaWisconsin
Oneida Boarding and Day SchoolOneidaWisconsin
Saint Mary’s Catholic Indian Boarding SchoolOdanah St. Mary's Mission Boarding School; Odanah Boarding and Day School; St. Mary Catholic Church*New OdanahWisconsin
St. Joseph Industrial SchoolMenominee (St. Joseph's); St. Joseph's Boarding; Green BayKeshenaWisconsin
Tomah Indian Industrial SchoolTomah VA Medical Center*TomahWisconsin
Wittenberg Indian SchoolBethany Indian Mission and Industrial School; Eland Junction; Wittenberg AcademyWittenbergWisconsin
Zoar Mission Boarding SchoolMenominee (Zoar Mission) SchoolGreen Bay ReservationWisconsin
Arapaho Boarding and Day SchoolNorthern Arapahoe Boarding SchoolFort WashakieWyoming
Shoshone Boarding and Day SchoolShoshone and Bannock Boarding and Day SchoolFort WashakieWyoming
Shoshone-Episcopal Mission Boarding SchoolShoshone-Episcopal Mission Boarding School; Shoshone School for Indian Girls; Robert's School; Shoshoni Mission SchoolFort WashakieWyoming
St. Michael's MissionThe Church of Our Father's HouseEtheteWyoming
St. Stephen's Mission Industrial SchoolSt. Stephens Indian School*Saint StephensWyoming
Wind River Boarding SchoolWind River Industrial Boarding School; Fort Washakie Boarding School; Shoshone Agency Boarding School; Gravy High; Fort Washakie School District #21*Fort WashakieWyoming