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Happy New Year to all of our readers
Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Everybody at the office is back in the saddle again and looking a little gloomy. They all say they had a great vacation and hope that the days off will give them some added incentive.

Jackie made one of her world famous Pineapple Upside Down Cakes and it disappeared in a flash. We had a little party just before Christmas and it was one of those where everybody brought their specialty. Talli Nauman her Dahl came in from Whitewood for the party.

Jimmy Giago Davies came down with the Covid-19 and it took a serious turn. As we write this he is in the Monument Hospital and he seems to be getting stronger every day. Our staff writer Clara Caufield came down with it also and so she was out of the office for about a week. She is now fully recovered.

The weather is about to take a turn for the worse so today Yolanda Thompson is getting the van ready for the cold trip to Pine Ridge and Rosebud. She is like the mailman of old, “Neither rain nor snow nor dead of night will stop the mail from going through” or something like that. In the 14 years she has been delivering the Native Sun News Today she has never missed a delivery. Quite a track record.

Elena Wells has 3 children and since the schools have been closed on and off through the pandemic and the holidays she has been bringing the kids to the office. For the most part they are well-behaved and do not disrupt any of us.

During these tough times with the Pandemic and all Holly Wells has had a tough time collecting debts from some of our customers, but we understand perfectly. Business has really been slow and a lot of businesses don’t want to advertise, but they should know that now is the time to really advertise. You have got to keep those customers coming through your doors.

Sadly, more than 1,100 restaurants have gone out of business in the past year. Many other small businesses have cut way back and laid off employees in order to survive. We have been lucky so far at the newspaper and everyone is still working full time.

Jackie’s older sister Jessie is very ill in Indiana and she has been talking with Tim Giago about whether to fly back to Indiana or not, but with the airlines in such a flux over staff shortages, many flights out of Rapid City have been cancelled so she is just playing it by ear so far and praying for the best.

We want to wish all of our readers a very Happy New Year and hope that 2022 brings you the best. Doksa ake’.

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