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The Northern Cheyenne Tribe continues to see no new cases of COVID-19, according to data reported by Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.
COVID-19 Update from Northern Cheyenne Country
Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Due to an extremely diligent response, the Northern Cheyenne Nation appears to be winning the war against COVID-19, though the battle took its toll on 57 Tribal members, according to the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Services Department.

Thus, life is getting “more” normal on the reservation, though certain precautions are still required and encouraged by the Tribal Government. William Walksalong, longtime Tribal Administrative Officer, who also survived COVID 19, says that the community has good reason to feel hopeful, but the Tribe will continue safety precautions as long as necessary to protect the health of the community.

According to IHS reports there were 957 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the reservation and 903 have recovered. Chief Dull Knife College, opened since January of this year reports no cases related to that institution.

As reported on the Northern Cheyenne Nation website: zeros are incredibly good numbers for COVID- 19. According to the most recent posting of May 15 and for several weeks prior the Score Card has run: 0 new positive tests; 0 active cases; 0 contacts/tracing; 0 ACS Housing; 8 hospitalizations and 0 deaths. Tribal council member Lane Spotted Elk, Lame Deer, includes these reports in his Facebook page.

With a combined effort of IHS health professionals and strong tribal support, 42.8% of the Tribal community has been vaccinated for a total of approximately 2,600 adults. The Tribe and IHS are actively working to reach the goal of 7-80% to achieve herd immunity.

The most recent Tribal Executive Order pertaining to COVID 19 was posted on the Tribal website on March 15, 2021 remaining in effect until further notice. While that Order eases some of the previous restrictions and precautions, some remain in effect.

The nightly curfew from 6:00 a.m. remains in effect now only for minors, enforced by Bureau of Indian Affairs police.


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