Ivan Star Comes Out: White domination in America is being threat

Ivan F. Star Comes Out. Photo from Native Sun News

A fear that white domination in America is being threatened
By Ivan F. Star Comes Out

I reiterate the words of Rev. Dr. Susan K Smith, author, musician, theologian and social justice advocate and pastor of Crazy Faith Ministries of Columbus OH, “I think about how the Christian scriptures and how they have been manipulated to support racism and sexism, and, really, militarism.”

She asks if the white men who put the Bible together were racists because they certainly injected a racist ideology into what is supposed to be the word of God. Her question is a direct reference to what appears to be fascism regarding the nationally televised extreme political activities. This is the first time the controlled centuries-old racism is being publicly touted.

Historically, this jingoistic patriotism was kept in check by the United States Constitution. Today, it is in the open. There is a significant amount of what appears to be righteous wrath among certain politicians and their followers. However, I can see that beneath or behind that bold façade of virtuous ire is a fear that white domination in America is being threatened.

Racism defined refers to the belief that members of each race possess characteristics or abilities to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. In other words, all those wonderful disparaging words we constantly hear, like prejudice, discrimination, or antipathy, are conceived from the belief that one’s own race is superior.

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