Steve Russell: Democrats smooth debates for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton videographer Julie Zuckerbrod and campaign staff. Photo from Twitter

Steve Russell, a member of the Cherokee Nation, focuses on the Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire:
Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is ahead and so her first choice would be not to debate at all, but that’s not an option. Since the Kennedy-Nixon debates, all serious candidates must debate or be tagged with disrespect for the voters.

Having to debate, the fallback position becomes as few debates as possible with as small an audience as possible.

This is not rocket science. Nor is figuring out that the Democratic National Committee is in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Look at the number of debates, the timing of the debates, and—most serious of all for the public interest—the DNC’s manipulation of the rules after the game started to shut out Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig.

Lessig, the last Jedi defending the republic, was only bringing one issue: the corruption of unlimited and anonymous money in politics. The Republican debate happened on a planet not endangered by climate change and the Democrats have chosen a world where unregulated political money only corrupts individual politicians rather than the entire system.

If the GOP candidates are auditioning to be Darth Vader, the Democrats have answered with a casting call for Jar Jar Binks.

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