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Native Sun News Editorial: Republican attacks on Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton comic by ESchröder / ToonPool

The ad hominem attacks upon Hillary by the GOP
By Native Sun News Editorial Board

The unmitigated assault on Democrat Hillary Clinton by the Republicans and the media is at times overwhelming.

First it was Benghazi, an attack that proved to be based on false information, and now it is the server she kept in her private residence.

These complaints come from Republicans running for president and of course the media led by Fox News.

Consider this; there was a horrific breach of confidential files hacked from the Internal Revenue Service. And just last week, another 220,000 names were added to the IRS list. This information could and was probably used to bilk millions of dollars from honest tax payers by thieves using this very private information to file for tax returns.

Another very serious breach was inflicted on the government agency that keeps records of applicants filing for government jobs and a list that included many members of the Armed Forces.

These hacked lists could be used to blackmail or intimidate government workers and military personnel. If those Republicans running for president are so concerned about protecting State Department files why are they not pulling their hair out over these other more serious breaches of government servers and computers?

And so those Republicans threatening to file criminal charges against Hillary are merely blowing smoke for the sake of blowing smoke. She broke no laws and as a matter of fact the emails kept on her private server were much safer than those supposedly guarded and protected by the United States Government.

If these irate Republicans are so keen on protecting private government records they are barking up the wrong tree by making false accusations against Hillary. They should instead be howling like a pack of wolves at their own government’s total lack of security.

The outrageous charges against Hillary by the Republican hopefuls are downright shameful, but it is indicative of the extreme fear the GOP has of the Democratic front-runner. They realize that if they do not stop Hillary with any means whatever, that they do not stand a chance of reclaiming the White House for another 8 years.

The assault against Hillary is even dastardly in a comic strip that appears in conservative newspapers like the Rapid City Journal. The cartoon strip is called Mallard Fillmore written and illustrated by Bruce Tinsley, an extreme conservative. The caricature of Hillary is purposely hideous. Tinsley makes her look like a haggard witch. Would this extremist ever draw a picture as hideous of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz or Marko Rubio or even Donald Trump? Not on your life.

In truth, Hillary has not really started her political operatives in action yet. It is still a long way from the 2016 Presidential Election and Bernie Sanders and other wannabes have not yet felt the full pressure of a Hillary Clinton campaign so when the fireworks finally do begin in earnest, hold on to your hats because Hillary will blow them out of the water.

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