MPBN: Bill allows tax exemption for ceremonial tobacco uses

"Lawmakers in Augusta are considering a measure that would exempt the Penobscot National and other Maine tribes from paying sales taxes on certain tobacco products, specifically those used for ritual or ceremontial purposes. As originally drafted, the bill would have applied to cigarettes as well, is not limited to loose-leaf tobacco products. Still, some legislators say the bill could become more complicated A.J. Higgins has this report.

Penobscot Nation Tribal Rep. Wayne Mitchell's original bill would have allowed all federally-recognized tribal members in Maine to purchase cigarettes and tobacco products without paying any sales or excise taxes. Mitchell was not present when the amended version was put before the Taxation Committee.

Co-chair Anne Haskel says the bill applies only to tribal members using the tobacco for cultural, spiritual or ceremonial purposes. And Haskell, a Democratic state senator from South Portland, says cigarettes are not included."

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Maine Tribes Seek Tax Exemption for Tobacco Purchases (Maine Public Broadcasting Network 2/22)

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