Losing It With Jillian heads to Yavapai-Apache Nation in Arizona

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"Jillian’s in Arizona this week to visit the Plunkett-Marquez family -- mom Dolores, daughters Delight and Cora-Lei, Cora-Lei’s husband Brian and their son Brandon. The Yavapai-Apache tribe, and native Americans in general, has a huge obesity and diabetes problem and this family is no different.

The traditional food made Jillian nuts – especially the frybread, which is bleached flour blobs fried in lard. And things got a little testy when at a welcoming party for Jillian, she dumped a big box of frybread in the trash. A preteen boy even threw a chunk of frybread at her in retaliation.

A new day dawned and Jillian was unsure of how open the tribe was about having Dr. Van Herle speak about diabetes prevention. They were open to it but only a handful of people came to her the doctor talk – another blow for Jillian.

The apathy in the community was hard for Jillian to understand. “Crap is all I’ve known,” said a tearful Delight, who seems like she really wants to change. She said that she just needs to be steered in the right direction."

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