Editorial: Indian student graduation rates unacceptable
"The news was grim last week during a forum conducted by the Farmington Inter-Tribal Indian Organization on the topic of American Indian education.

The New Mexico Public Education Department says that more than half of the American Indian students in Farmington Municipal Schools do not graduate from high school. In addition, American Indian students in every grade level in Farmington do not meet the 2009 annual yearly progress goals for math or reading.

This is unacceptable.

When half of an ethnic group in an area does not graduate high school, the matter accelerates past the realm of statistical notability and becomes an educational emergency. We don't know where the failure is, but the failure is real and tangible. American Indian students in Farmington are not achieving the education goals they need to succeed in life.

San Juan College was mentioned at the meeting as well. American Indian students make up 26 percent of the students at the college, a healthy amount, but are under-represented in health care fields. The situation at the college is less urgent, and we appreciate efforts the college has taken to rectify the imbalance."

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